Complex operation: Two kidneys were transferred from Israel to the Czech Republic yesterday, and two more arrived from the Czech Republic to Israel. This is the first time this has happened, when thanks to this crossover program, six people, four Israelis and two Czechs will be transplanted.

A kidney from a donor from Rambam and a donor from Sheba left Israel and the two kidneys brought from the Czech Republic were transplanted at Rambam. Out of the six transplants, a chain of four transplants was created thanks to an altruistic donor from the national list of the National Transplant Center. The National Transplant Center noted that donors who come directly to the center, enroll in the crossover program and are sometimes privileged to save more than one patient, as this time.

The operating rooms were operated as follows:

  • At 04:00 – Maimonides began surgery to remove the kidney from the donor.
  • 05:00 – Begin surgery in Sheba to remove the kidney from a donor.
  • At 08:00 – Maimonides began surgery to remove the (second) kidney from a donor, for transplantation in Sheba.
  • At 08:00 – Sheba had surgery to remove the kidney (the second) and was transplanted into a patient in Sheba.
  • 09:00 – 08:30
    A. A private plane took the kidneys in ice coolers to the airport in Prague – Czech Republic
    B. In the Czech Republic, two surgeries began, in two operating rooms at the same time, to remove the kidneys.
  • At 12:30 – the coolers at the airport in Prague – Czech Republic were replaced.
  • The plane with the kidneys landed in Israel at 18:00
  • The two kidneys arrived at Rambam Hospital at 20:00 and were transplanted in two operating rooms at the same time

All six transplants were successful

Kidneys on the way to Prague (Photo: National Transplant Center)

Prof. Rafi Biar noted that “the method of kidney replacement with foreign countries is already becoming routine, the results prove themselves in the success of transplants, especially when there is a match for patients with high antibody levels, who have lower chances of transplantation in Israel (due to ethnic differences).

Dr. Tamar Ashkenazi, who flew with the kidneys, added: “The altruistic donors who register directly at the transplant center join the cross.reference database, and our experience proves that to date they have succeeded in creating a chain of adjustments. The donor in many exams saved more than one patient. This time the altruistic donor in his donation brings a balm to four patients.

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