The pleasant season of the year has arrived and it brings with it a wonderful breeze, aromas of citrus fruits and also quite a bit of magic, courtesy of nature: from the fruit that will heal our wounds, to the one that will speed up the metabolism and let’s just say do not rush to throw away the pomelo peel

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We do not know which group you belong to in the stubborn discussion of “for or against tangerine”, but we are here to remind you: Welcome to the autumn season. The season in which citrus fruits are crowned for the nobility and they definitely deserve a place of honor. Citrus fruits in all their color palette, bring with them a unique flavor that is so identified with cool weather and most of all, the medicinal qualities inherent in them.

But is the sentence of an orange equivalent to the law of the pomelo? In all this abundance, what is the benefit of each of them, which one will contribute to the weight loss process, which one will serve as a perfume for the dishwasher and which one of them contains the highest content of vitamin C that characterizes them. To make it easier for you to choose your citrus fruit, we have prepared 12 benefits that will make the choice especially simple.

  1. Orange: bursting with vitamin C.

    Since the body does not store and does not produce the vitamin, it is very important to get it from food. Eat at least one medium orange a day. It will contain the amount of vitamin C required for an adult per day, at a cost of 60 calories. This is how you will maintain your immune system.

  2. Pomelo: It will provide you with 40% of an important mineral for the heart muscle and maintaining the heart

    Potassium is a mineral that balances stress and a feeling of tension that can damage blood vessels, which carry blood to the heart. For those who suffer from high cholesterol levels in the blood, we have good news. Eating pomelo does not contain even one gram of fat and cholesterol.

  3. The pomelo peel will help your weight loss process

    The fruit peels contain herbal substances called flavonoids, coumarins and lemonoids, which may correct the metabolism and benefit from inflammatory processes. Boil the pomelo peels in a liter of filtered water for 30 minutes, cool and drink the resulting liquid, it will already make a difference.

  4. Grapefruit: The solution to gingivitis

    Eating two medium grapefruits a day can benefit and improve gum damage. It will also benefit your diet at the cost of 50 calories of health.

  5. Lemon: The secret weapon for kidney stones

    We all know how much he stars in Israeli cuisine and even in pampering winter drinks, but the question is whether you know him by virtue of his unique ingredient called “citric acid”? It is an organic compound that may prevent existing kidney stones or even break down small kidney stones. Be sure to combine one lemon daily to help your kidneys avoid stone formation.

  6. Lemon: Wonderfully blends in with weight maintenance

    At a cost of only 28 calories, lemon water every morning would be the right choice to start the day. Lemon is credited with accelerating properties and supporting the weight loss processes and improving the mechanism of satiety and hunger in the body. Squeeze the juice of a whole small lemon, every morning into a glass of lukewarm water and drink immediately after rising.

  7. Mandarin: The most powerful fruit for maintaining good eyesight

    The combination of the “little sister” of tangerine and orange called mandarin will keep you healthy eyes. A medium.sized mandarin unit will provide the body with 260 international units of vitamin A. This vitamin is essential and even necessary for normal night vision and strengthening the immune system. The vitamin is soluble and absorbed in a fatty environment and therefore, combine avocado or a teaspoon of quality oil near eating mandarin. This will improve its absorption in your body.

  8. Chinese orange: helps with constipation

    We are used to seeing them in backyards, but we do not really know and recognize the magic secret of Chinese orange trees. Contains the mineral magnesium which helps, among other things, to balance blood pressure, energy production and normal muscle activity. Incorporating it into your diet may improve bowel function and help you get more into the toilet. Heat 3 cups of water, with 10 Chinese oranges and a cup of sugar, in a saucepan over a low flame for at least 40 minutes. You can then grind and keep in a sterilized jar for about a month. This way you will have “first aid against constipation” jam at home at all times.

  9. Lemon Lime: Adds lots

    We are used to using it in our home kitchen and meeting it in most dishes in a restaurant. But Know Shlaim removes stains easily and helps renew the shine in our glassware. Once you have squeezed it into a salad, do not throw it away! Put it in the dishwasher as a natural shiny substance and run it together with the dishes. The lime lemon will renew the shine of the pots and glassware and even perfume and overcome odors inside the dishwasher. Each lemon lime will suit up to 3 dishwasher uses.

  10. Kefir Lime Leaves: Contribute to sharpness of thinking

    The Chinese can swear that a combination of kefir lime leaves at least twice a week, can have a positive effect on thinking ability and high energy levels in the body. Kefir is a relative of lime and can be bought in Asian cooking stores in its dried form. Want to host in a healthy way with a special twist? Get a recipe for a winter alcoholic drink with a special twist – combine 2 kefir lime leaves, 20 ml vodka, 40 ml soda, 1 cm fresh ginger, star anise (can be bought in spice shops) and 2 slices Fresh orange in a glass and serve.

  11. Tangerine: Preserves glowing facial skin, Better Aging for skin

    To maintain radiant and healthy facial skin, nourishment from the inside is needed and not just creams and sunscreens. Tangerine is rich in antioxidants that repair the noticeable time damage on the skin and along with vitamins and minerals, helps the skin glow. A combination of tangerine juice every morning will be a kind of youthful shot.

  12. Tangerine peel: Helps with open wounds

    Were you cut? You will not believe how she can help. Sometimes it takes the skin time to heal and rejuvenate. Rubbing the tangerine peel with the orange layer, directly on the injury area, can speed up the recovery time and on the way leave you with a wonderful fragrance (for fans of the genre of course).

    ** The author is a certified naturopath, an expert in herbs, aromatherapy and Bach.

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