The director general of the Ministry of Health explains: This is damage caused by the cyber attack to the hospital

Director General of the Ministry of Health, Professor Nachman Ash, Referred to the incident of the cyber attack on Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Hadera that took place this week. In conversation with Guy Peleg and Nissim Mash’al This morning (Friday), on their program on 103FM radio, he said that “attacks on other hospitals and health funds can be expected. This is not a simple war and we will probably have to deal with such attacks in the future.” Ash added: “We need to strengthen our defense.”

The director general of the Ministry of Health also said that the incident in question was a “very serious attack that is very important to deal with in the long term”, and he said that the hospital had suffered considerable damage as a result: ” We will probably not be able to recreate it all. The damage is there and it is great. This is not a simple war. The attacks are becoming more sophisticated. ”

“Corona morbidity may rise again in winter”

Meanwhile, corona morbidity figures continue to fall and in recent days less than 2,000 verified cases have been diagnosed. For the first time since August, the number of serious patients is less than 400. Professor Ash said that “as the morbidity decreases” it will be possible to apply further relief to the public. He added that in his office “further relief is being considered as part of the green label.”

Professor Ash clarified that despite the apparent relief, the plague has not yet passed and he says “we will not take off the masks any time soon”. Ash added that “the more we get vaccinated we can be calmer from the fear of another outbreak.” The director general of the Ministry of Health shared and said that another wave of illness is a realistic thing: “I am afraid that the illness may rise again in the winter,” he explained.

He went on to comment on the effectiveness of the vaccine’s booster dose, which has already been received by over 3.8 million people, and the question of whether it will soon be with a fourth dose: “Hopefully the protection of the third dose will last longer. Get vaccinated again in half a year. ” Professor Ash explained that it is estimated that the protection provided by the third dose will last longer than that of the first and second doses. Along with the sage slightly his remarks and said that he and his office would have to identify the vaccine attenuation already in more advanced stages “so that there would be no further outbreak”.

At the end of his speech, he gave more details about the crisis of interns, and the contacts that are taking place in order to prevent the mass resignation: “I hope we can end this crisis and reach an understanding. There is a dialogue with interns all the time.” To reach the goal. ”

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