The Saeb attack in Hillel Yaffe: The hospital director anticipates when the systems will return to operation

Efforts are continuing to rehabilitate the computer systems at Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Hadera, after they were hit earlier this week in a cyber attack by a group of hackers demanding a $ 10 million ransom. Hospital director Mickey Dodkewitz this morning (Friday) referred to the efforts to repair the damage done and said: “Our team has studied many casualties, dealt with and are still dealing with the corona virus, but this is an event on a different scale.”

According to Dr. Dodkevitz, the hospital has successfully passed quality assessments in the field of information security over the past few years. “We hope some of the capabilities will be settled early next week, but there may be changes depending on the pace of progress of the professional teams involved and subject to various constraints,” he said.

Earlier today, in an interview with 103FM, the hospital director clarified that despite the damage experienced by the hospital’s computer systems, patient care continues as usual: “Everyone here receives quality care. It does not harm the quality of care, but the incident has great significance.” . As for the attackers’ demand to receive $ 10 million in exchange for the information, Dr. Dodkevitz said that “the whole issue of negotiations is not in the hospital’s mandate, we are not dealing with it. We are dealing with treating patients.”

Also the director general of the Ministry of Health, Professor Nachman Ash, Referred to the event. Speaking to 103FM, he said there was major damage to the hospital’s computer systems: “The damage right now is to the information that was in the hospital, that we are working to recover it, but we will probably not be able to recover it all. The damage is there and it is big. It is not a simple war. We are becoming more sophisticated. ”

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