After the cyber attack that disrupted the operations of Hillel Yaffe Hospital last week, the Ministry of Health and the National Cyber ​​System revealed this morning (Sunday) that over the weekend the Ministry of Health’s cyber center identified an increase in attempts to attack a number of hospitals and medical organizations. Both bodies said that early assessments and a quick response from the center and the staff on the ground halted the attempts and no damage was done.

Meanwhile, the work of the cyber center at the Ministry of Health and the National Cyber ​​System and other staff at Hillel Yaffe Hospital continues in order to return the hospital’s information systems to regular and secure operations as soon as possible.

“The Ministry of Health and the National Cyber ​​System have been carrying out many activities in recent days with bodies in the health sector to further strengthen the level of protection while identifying new vulnerabilities in the area that may be used for attacks and calling on bodies to close them,” it said.

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