Hundreds of medical students are now demonstrating (Sunday) in solidarity with the interns’ protest against the shift schedule, blocking the Azrieli junction in Tel Aviv. Among the slogans the students read: “26, Nitzan (Horowitz) will be ashamed”, “either short or strike”.

The demonstration takes place as part of a one-day strike by medical students across the country today, in solidarity with the protest of doctors who specialize against the outline proposed by the Ministry of Health, according to which shifts will be reduced from 26 hours to 18 in only ten hospitals in the periphery.

As you may recall, Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz met last week with representatives of the interns, who protested against the outline of the shifts in the hospitals. Horowitz surprisingly attended a meeting held by protest representatives with the director general of his health ministry, Professor Nachman Ash. Representatives of the protest said that no progress had been made at the end of the meeting.

Dr. Ray Bitton said at the end of the meeting: “There was an open conversation with the Minister and his staff in order to hear and voice, but negotiations were not here and therefore there is no line. We continue, unfortunately, with the resignation process. We very much hope there will be real negotiations. We invited the Minister to have a practical conversation with us to suggest steps that could lead to a solution to this difficult crisis. With great sorrow, we will continue with our plan and this week we will receive the personal resignation letters. “

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