“We live in a time when the boundary between the digital world and the real life of young people in particular is blurring and part of our lives takes place in a digital arena,” says Shira Kuperman, CEO and co-founder of Halasartan Tal Center. , And to pinpoint to the public how unique and different it is from the coping of adults or children. They have completely unique needs. After all, it is impossible to compare the needs of a 25-year-old girl to a 60-year-old woman. We work in every possible arena to promote the widespread recognition of this category. We continue to create a content world together that people will connect to and respond to. This is another part of the big puzzle called Halasartan – life for young people. ”

That’s exactly why they created a unique workshop in Halasartan – Halas Realz – where Maya Ziv and Leon Schneiderowski taught a team of young people different ways in which it is possible to convey a message in the best way on social networks, Facebook, Instagram and Real, Tiktok and the like. How to tell a story, what you want to convey in videos, where you can share the videos and how to do it. So here’s the team:

Workshop participants with Leonid | Photo: Courtesy of Halasartan

Moran Yaish // 33 // Rishon Lezion

I was diagnosed with colon cancer in December 2019. I am recovering fresh (about a month and a half), but am still recovering from surgery and waiting for the next surgery, to close a limitation that I am currently living with. A limitation that saved my life.

Before I was diagnosed I would exercise 4 hours a day and travel the world, today my hobbies come down to trying to stay alive

Social networks are a therapy for me; The ability to share the difficulty, acceptance, frustration, pain, and most importantly – the belief that everything will be fine, strengthens me and those around me.

The initial feeling I had when I entered the workshop was wow, Halasartan managed to bind in one room so many young people, just like me, that when I look at them, I see the spark on their face, which is just like my spark. Their desire to talk, to do, to change. I went in and honestly felt I was in the right place. Excited to be part of such an inspiring bunch, and especially excited to have the opportunity to share my journey and help others on their journey, whether in cancer, or any other coping in their lives.

Limor Finiles // 39 // Yavne

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Nothing stops him. The water is dripping everywhere. On the way they also water the flowers and you can drink from them. But everything also got wet. Someone comes and closes the bar. Only then did it stop. From 100 to 0.

I was on 100 every moment. Sometimes even about 200. Do not know how to stop. No wonder I also ticked off the tests quickly and here I am in a moving film of treatments. But how would I listen? Until they closed the barrier for me, I did not know and could not stop.

Hi, I’m Limor Finiles, 39, married and a mother of two. An emotional coach with a combination of arts, owner of the “Creating Success” clinic, a Hebrew educator. On the eve of my 39th birthday I received a “gift”, one that has no replacement note, stage 2 lymphoma in the clavicle and armpit.

What does this have to do with me? I am young, busy, working, going out with friends, running a clinic, living successfully with post trauma, thinking positive every morning anew, raising two children and a dog, the dream come true.

Works 200 percent, the days start early and end late, I enjoy every moment. Full of adrenaline that is known to take away the feeling of pain from us. Paul Gas. And most importantly, does not stop. Not listening.

So I was brought down to my knees! In what other way would I stop? This cancer really made me stop for the first time in my life. Reluctantly. Since that moment I have decided with myself that I am fighting differently. Looking for information on this topic but other than my community Halasartan, the topic is so unspoken. So I decided I would talk. I’ll be the voice to anyone who does not have it, to any young woman who is ashamed to talk about it, to anyone who is sure that cancer is a taboo, that it should be whispered. I’ll tell you about the cancer rooms. It’s time to break the silence.

Eyal Hershkovitz // 38 // Yehud

I am Eyal, married to the stunning Michal and a father of two: Or, 6 and a half years old, and Omar, three and a half years old. I have been working at El Al for 12 years at Total. Now I went back to working out in the gym regularly after the illness and this little corona that came after me. Loves playing football, TV, movies and also spending time with my wife and kids.

I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in January 2020 after about six months of undiagnosed tests. It was a gift piece for a 37th birthday, chemo and biological treatment.

I went through most of the treatments during quarantine times, so it somehow made me feel normal and not be different from everyone else, because after all everyone was home. Luckily I have an amazing partner who has been there for me, helping and accompanying me all the way. During the illness I was not exposed too much except for the photo that was changed on Instagram there after I got my hair cut when the hair started to fall out after the second chemo. On my 38th birthday I had already revealed everything on Facebook with a post on Halasartan that included photos during and after the illness.


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Miss Galit Payne // 28 // Rehovot

I am a young woman, working as an alternative therapist combining methods of guided imagery and theta healing. Besides, I am a musician, leading poetry circles and development and empowerment workshops. The disease caught me as a young girl at the height of my work when I set up a crisis management workshop. It was an amazing timing, because I had to internalize and realize on my flesh the contents of the vice. I decided that I would treat cancer as a spiritual process and as a personal springboard for my own development. I underwent mastectomy and the like, it was not easy at all, I suffered a lot from the side effects and the social distance during the corona. But I chose to take advantage of these difficult moments to find new strength within me.

Throughout the coping I shared on Facebook and all of Hassartan, the experiences and insights, believing that my process could benefit others. And really while I myself was undergoing chemotherapy, I was privileged to treat other women who also underwent the treatments. Helping others strengthened me and helped me get through the process more easily.


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Efrat Barel // 35 // Kiryat Ono

Hyosh️, I’m Efrat. 35 years old, married to Dvir, from Kiryat Ono and a graduate of breast cancer. Just before the age of 33 the cancer was pushed into my life. Just when we started a new life in our new home, planning a pregnancy and at the height of my career growth (digital marketing). Today, a year after the end of the treatments, I am in a practical practice of life as a young healer and practice every day our greatest right in life – choice. We have no control over everything, but we can always choose how to live our time here.


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Dana Solomon // 28 // Ramat Gan

I am Dana, from Ramat Gan, married to Yossi the knight on the white horse ❤️ (yes the one who married baldness during the treatments). In the profession of graphic designer, during the illness and recovery I taught myself to knit.

This cancer is not so much fun, I have been in this business for two years, at a young age dealing with severe pain, old body and weak bones. Seeing the hospital more than your home, really not fun. Dealing with post-trauma, dealing with the biggest fear – death. I chose to leverage my fears into good places, I chose to share everything! Really everything!

I shared all the treatments and illness in posts, photos and dance videos in Tiktok with the good poison bag (helped me live in the end). The amazing workshop arranged my thoughts, arranged my ideas and how certain things are done on social networks that we did not know how, what is right to do and what is less.

Regardless of the much information we absorbed, we were privileged to meet the other young carcinogens for the first time, we made a connection between us and for the first time after a year and a half isolation I felt I was not alone ❤️ There is a whole community standing by my side, understanding me and supporting me!


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After treatment, Still dancing!Duet me!#dancewithalsf @[email protected]

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