Scary encounter with an arsenic spider: 13.year.old Ofek was bitten and suffered an allergic reaction

A rare case has occurred in recent days, in which a girl came to the hospital after a spider bite. Ofek Hajaj, 13, from Magen Yavneh, was hospitalized at Assuta Ashdod Public Hospital after arriving yesterday (Sunday) following complaints of vomiting, fever, rapid pulse and rash.

Dr. Noy ​​Cohen talks about the rare case of a spider bite. Courtesy of Assuta Ashdod Public Hospital

The hospital said that the investigation of the case found that the girl was bitten on Saturday evening by a brown arsenic spider (brown tooth), one of the most common spiders in Israel. And necrosis in the bite area.

The case in question, the hospital notes, is rare and required prompt and appropriate treatment otherwise a severe allergic and infectious reaction could have been caused.

Dr. Noy ​​Cohen, the attending physician, recounted: “This is the first time I have encountered such a severe reaction to the spider bite in question. In most cases, the human body responds with a very mild response without the need for medical treatment. ”

“The girl was treated in the pediatric emergency room, among other things, using fluids and anti-allergies, along with clarification for the negative kidney damage and the blood system. The girl’s condition is currently mild and she is hospitalized for further treatment in the pediatric ward of Assuta Ashdod Public Hospital,” said Dr. Noy.

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