On the way to ending the intern crisis? Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz presented tonight (Monday) the “road map” for the implementation of the outline for shortening the shifts of interns. “Stopping the outline of shortening shifts without being fully completed is not an option. The roadmap we present today will ensure the realization of the historic move.”

The leader of the interns’ protest, Dr. Ray Bitton, responded on a Channel 12 broadcast: “If things are indeed as Horowitz presented then there is a line here. But we learn of disappointments, so we’re waiting to see if it’s anchored. “

The details of the outline for shortening the interns’ shifts have been formulated in recent days under the guidance of the Minister of Health, in a process led by the ministry’s director general, Prof. Nachman Ash. Patients and department heads. A fee containing the details of the move was sent to interns and interns in all hospitals in Israel.

Minister Horowitz told the interns: “Many of you fear that the outline of shortening the shifts we have formulated will not be completed. This is not an option for me. In order to provide you with certainty, I present to you and the entire health system a clear roadmap that actually anchors our commitment to complete the move.”

He added: “These milestones are actually anchoring the commitment of the Ministry of Health and mine to complete the shortening of shifts throughout the country. Your struggle is the struggle of the health system, it is my struggle. We will succeed in it, together.”

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In addition, the Minister clarified that the outline for shortening shifts will also include shorthand in surgical professions in an adapted outline and concluded: “I intend to bring forward the completion of the outline for shortening shifts throughout the country by the end of 2025.”

In the organization prescription Responding to the Health Minister’s statement, he said: “After long days of talks into the night, suggestions and examination of possible outlines, with the professional bodies in the Ministry of Health and the Minister’s Office, things seem to be heading in the right direction and we are happy with the Minister’s announcement.” We want to see the written outline and make sure that it is anchored both budgetarily and at the level of commitment beyond the declarative level. “Some of the steps we took today, with the submission of the resignation letters, oblige us as an organization to make sure that this is indeed a binding outline and not just a declarative plan. We hope that things will become clear in the coming hours and / or days.”

These are the milestones for the outline of shortening shifts:

25.10.21 – Operation of an implementation team for the outline of shortening shifts, headed by the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health and with the participation of a representative of the Ministry of Finance, a representative of hospital administrators, a representative of the Medical Association and representatives of interns.

31.3.22 – Implementation of the outline for shortening shifts in ten hospitals in the periphery.

30.11.22 – Expanding the outline to internal medicine and emergency medicine departments in two hospitals in the center of the country.

31.3.23 Expanding the outline to internal medicine and emergency medicine departments in all hospitals in Israel.

30.11.23 The implementation of the third stage in the outline, which will be formulated by the implementation team and approved by the Minister of Health by 31.3.22.

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