Interns’ protest: Hundreds of interns from around the country have submitted resignation letters

Hundreds of interns today (Monday) submitted resignation letters from 35 wards in hospitals across the country. This is after agreements have not yet been reached on an outline for shortening shifts.

The Facebook page of “Prescription” – the organization of medical interns – reads: “It is possible otherwise. No one has to pay the price of 26-hour shifts. Today we will start with a gradual process of submitting resignation letters. Interns, interns and interns who have not yet signed “Join us. Do not sit on the fence, choose to be on the right side of history.”

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Before, Dr. Uri Rosen“It’s a sad, difficult and shaky day, a morning full of thoughts. Shlomi is complex because this afternoon I will submit my letter of resignation, together with interns from my department and 20 other departments.” He added on 103FM that “this is something that has not happened here for many years and should not happen. “To think that this is not an offer that the Minister of Finance gave us, this is an offer that he also gives to you and your loved ones, this is a problem for all of us and it is embarrassing and sad that I have to resign. I speak from patient to patient.”

He was asked if he felt the interns were not getting media backing. “No, especially from the media I feel that you are fine with us, only disappointing that they ask about the departure of the Minister of Finance that this is the most unimportant thing today,” Dr. Rosen explained, “First of all Dr. Ray Bitton specializes in nephrology.” The submitters said: “You knew these were the shifts. Correct me if I am wrong, the proposal you received from the government is a basis to anchor the continuation in a government commitment and move on. There are not enough doctors.”

The intern replied: “You are wrong unfortunately. In our country there are 450 waiting to be fixed, we had a debate about it in the Ministry of Health, we did a survey and found more than 450 licensed doctors who sit at home and wait. And there is more, why? Because there are no standards. “Starting time in internal medicine? A year and a half. When you fall into demagoguery that says there are no doctors, that’s not true.”

Medical students' protest (Photo: Medical students’ protest (Photo: “Prescription”, an organization of medical interns)

“I do not know why these standards are not approved. I think it is between the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health,” he stressed. “We have been in this story for more than six years. “2011 – Start a pilot without any commitment. That means you will continue to receive poor treatment.” The submitters noted that Horowitz tweeted that after years of neglect, the manpower crisis was being addressed. “It’s true but it’s not related to the sad event that is happening today that hundreds of interns because of another subject do not continue to work. You talk about the number of students in the country, but the subject is that you and I continue to receive treatment from tired doctors. “She signed in the past that it should be stopped, the minister agreed and it is simple. We need to go back to the agreed outline, prevent the catastrophe because in two weeks people will start to die.”

Magal: “Who can work 26 hours is a dumb, abnormal, stupid, insane situation, people can not save the lives of others and be in focus and alert after so many hours of work and need to change that.”

Mercury: “It’s been like this all these years and it’s a pity you did not wake up when Bram was Bibi; Inon: Every interviewee tells you to leave Bibi this is not the story; Ben: It will be very difficult to go from zero to a hundred at once “I will bring my knowledge, we do not want to go from zero to a hundred, let’s go down to the details. . A year after that expand to more professions, after a year and a half put in the surgical professions because they are no different from internal professions. Do you want an additional person to take out a 20-hour gate? ”

earlier today, Dr. Dan Malikowski, Specializes in neurology, spoke with Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov about the decision: “I had a last-minute hope that we could avoid the painful step, this but accessible at one o’clock in the afternoon our resignation letters, and these will take effect in two weeks.”

Asked on 103FM they are currently negotiating, he replied: “I am not a member of the negotiating team, but I know that contacts are going on all the time, and were conducted yesterday as well. “Unfortunately, there is no option that comes close to what we are asking for, which is actually what the Minister of Health originally proposed two weeks ago.”

“They are not willing to move an inch,” he explained and was asked about the refusal of the Ministry of Finance: “I do not know how to answer on their behalf, I do not work in the ministry and certainly not the ministry spokesman. I know there is an abnormal and unreasonable reality. There is injustice.” He was asked about the statement of the Minister of Finance last night, who said: “We receive salaries of more than NIS 20,000.” The doctor replied: “There is an unfortunate statement by the finance minister. He started talking about the salary of an intern, he is used to a different sector coming to him every month and demanding an increase in wages. There is a demand to correct a historical injustice to 26-hour shifts.”

Yokfaz and Davidov asked him if interns actually earn the salary in question, and replied: “The discussion here is ideological, out of real concern for the benefit of patients, and the Treasury does not know how to eat it because people come for real concern for patients and he still thinks about money and salaries. “I think there are interns who earn those sums.”

He was later asked about the claim made by Dr. Ray Bitton, the leader of the struggle, exhausted because she works five days a week at a private beauty clinic. “I have no idea what she does in her private time and it does not matter. There is a historical injustice here, “he stressed,” an absolute majority of her time is early for public medicine, but we are talking about an injustice that needs to be corrected. There is no doubt that after 26 hours on your feet the medicine is not good. It does not reach any patient. Do you want to fix it or engage in wage discussions that no one has complained about? If you divide the wage by the number of hours you will reach ridiculous numbers but no one talks about it. We are talking about a real concern for the well-being of the patients. ”

“No one asks for a wage increase. It is said that there is a factory that turns out to have a very dangerous substance in the product it produces, it endangers customers and workers. “To make the product more expensive for the factory’s customers? No. It is a matter of correcting an injustice. So you say we will correct an injustice and cut wages?”

Interns' protest (Photo: Avshalom Shashoni)Interns’ protest (Photo: Avshalom Shashoni)

At the end of the interview, he was asked where the prime minister was on the subject, and replied: “I think that if there is going to be a crisis in the health system, and there are hundreds of resignation letters and dozens of departments resigning in more than half interns, then there is probably a crisis. And he will solve this crisis and it will be nice one hour earlier. ”

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