Neviot announced today (Sunday) at noon that due to a technical malfunction, there is a suspicion of the presence of a pseudomonas aerogioneosis bacterium in some of the stock of mineral water bottles of one and a half liters. It is a bacterium that can mainly infect people with weakened immune systems.

The company informed the public that anyone who purchased mineral water products in a volume of 500 ml TOGO From the series of dates she mentioned, please do not consume it. Customers who have purchased them in codes will be able to contact the consumer center by phone 1-800-224-041 For the purpose of returning it and receiving another in return.

The bottle inventory in question includes Units manufactured between the dates 11-12.10.2021 And bearing the mark “It is better to use before”: 11.10.2022 and 12.10.2022, Topics Barcode 7290002331360. Also, bottles of “Natural mineral water springs” with a volume of 500 ml From production dates 12.10.2021, 13.10.2021 and 14.10.2021 Themes marked “Better to use before”: 12.10.2022 and 13.10.2022, 14.10.2022 And subjects Barcode 7290002331018.

The company emphasized that this is a suspicion of a malfunction in the production line of only half-liter bottles, And that for reasons of caution the company works to collect the products from the market in coordination with the food service at the Ministry of Health. It was also said that the water source is completely clean and also, half-liter products from other dates and the rest of the company’s products are in good condition and safe for consumption.

“We apologize for the inconvenience and thank consumers for the cooperation, as always, we will continue to do everything to ensure our loyal customers complete satisfaction with our product range,” the company said.

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