Chairman of the Interns’ Organization: “A Historic Moment for Physicians and Interns”

Chairman of the “Prescription” stretching organization, Dr. Ray Bitton, Commented today (Wednesday) on the breakthrough in negotiations with the Ministry of Health and the withdrawal of letters of resignation: “We put an end to 26-hour shifts. He will receive better medicine and not from doctors who are too tired at the 25th hour for their shifts. ”

“We were terrorized, campaigned against us, slandered us, tried to silence us. Our victory today is also over all of them. “This historic. Today it is a victory of spirit and way and determination. A victory of justice,” she added.

Referring to the agreed outline, she said that “there are two main guarantees given to interns in recent days. We talked about the outline being amorphous, so we now have dates, goals, an implementation team that we will take part in and make sure it happens the right way and does not dissolve.”

The organization notes that the permit of Economy Minister Orna Barbibai and the budgeted outline of the Minister of Health, obtained thanks to the struggle, “complement each other and create a strong and solid framework that ensures that the shortcut is real – a shortcut that will not get stuck due to narrow interests of the system.”

The health care system, through the shortening of shifts, will achieve about 1,250 standards (about half a billion NIS), targeting and improving training, para-medical assistance for interns, increasing the number of medical students and more – all along with human employment conditions and prevention of dangers for caregivers and patients. 26 hours in a row, “they added.

Representatives of the interns and Minister of Health Horowitz (Photo: without credit)

Earlier this week, it was reported that Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz presented a “road map” for implementing the outline to shorten the shifts of interns. According to the milestones for the outline of shortening shifts, starting next week, an implementation team for the outline of shortening shifts will be activated, headed by the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health and with the participation of a representative of the Ministry of Finance, representatives of hospital administrators.

At the end of March 2020, the outline for shortening shifts will be implemented in ten hospitals in the periphery, and at the end of November, the outline will be expanded to internal medicine and emergency medicine departments in two hospitals in the center of the country. In March 2023, the outline will be expanded again for internal medicine and emergency medicine departments in all hospitals in Israel. In addition, it has been determined that by 2025, all interns, in all professions, and surgeons will also stop doing 26-hour shifts.

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