Prof. Hagai Levin, public health doctor and epidemiologist, spoke today (Thursday) with Anat Davidov on her program “Where’s the Money” on 103FM about the alarming jump in the spread of respiratory diseases, including dangerous viruses for infants and toddlers, one of which even led to the death of a 12.year.old boy More this week. “This is an uncharacteristic increase for the season,” Levin said.

“The other diseases raise their heads and this is not only a feeling, but also backed up by data published by the National Center for Disease Control. There is indeed an uncharacteristic increase in the season in respiratory morbidity, including the RSV virus which is dangerous for toddlers and babies.“

He explained that it is a “virus that most babies get at some point but if they have a background disease of the lungs, heart or they are premature they can get very severe. The problem is that now suddenly see the beginning of the virus in Israel and the US and maybe need to change “The usual preventive treatment and giving it earlier this year, before November, is one of the decisions that the Ministry of Health has to make.“

Levin stressed that “there are a lot of viruses that go around and probably one of them led to the tragic death of the 12.year.old boy. It tells us that apart from Corona, the rules we learned of personal hygiene and that if you are sick then do not go around “These rules are still true today.“

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On the decision to abolish the obligation to wear masks also for students, he said: “It can be discussed but the decision was made. My children are also graduating and I am calm that they are without a mask, the risk is very low. We should continue to maintain the rules that protect our health. “

He added: “It’s also true about preventing infectious diseases, but it’s also true that it’s time to go back to life, quit smoking, maintain a healthy diet, engage in more exercise, go out – things we’ve kind of forgotten about in the past year. “More smokers and if we do not address these problems, there will be many deaths as a result of these problems. In Israel alone, 10,000 people die each year from obesity and 8,000 from smoking.“

On the claim that the heads of the health system “forgot” about the corona and the importance of flowing budgets to the hospitals, Levin said: “I am sorry to say that this is true. There is a feeling that in the last year the Ministry of Health has become the corona and now we all have a great challenge. “Personally, other government ministries and local authorities – we all need to get back to a healthy life now. This means investing in the health system in long.term planning, because it is known to be in a short, hungry blanket and it costs human lives, and on the other hand to deal with disease prevention.“

Levin described the difficult state of the health system: “I see it in both Hadassah and other hospitals and public health services – the staffs are worn out from the past, the sick in the health system remain, 26.hour shifts that are unhealthy for neither caregivers nor patients.“

He concluded: “Therefore, the new Minister of Health, Nitzan Horowitz, has a great challenge to make a change, to bring in budgets and resources that can make the necessary change. But part of that is also within the system to invest in the places that need it most. “And a deputy director general, who will help him with this task and needs someone who looks at the whole system. At the same time, we need to choose the person who is most suitable for what Israel needs.”

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