International Watermelon Day: 12 things about watermelon
On the occasion of International Watermelon Day, which was celebrated this week, we discovered some new things about the fruit that often makes life difficult for us. We won’t tell you how to choose the perfect watermelon (because we don’t really know), but we found that it does wonders for the body, mind and even hair. Shall we begin?
Watermelon is a bit like the weather in Europe in August: we are promised warm days and suddenly rainy days fall on us out of nowhere without having organized a raincoat. They want to say: you bought a watermelon, you drummed on it, you thought you found the sweetest one recommended by the jade house, only to find out that it was a stringy, pale and unsuccessful watermelon. Or alternatively: he proved himself as a king. Unbelievable, in short.However, there’s no way we’re going through a summer without heaps of watermelons on the shelf. This is undoubtedly a fruit that accompanies our lives in the Israeli summer. On the occasion of International Watermelon Day this week, we turned to Moran Strom, Carmela Online’s home naturopath, who told us some things we didn’t know about the love of our lives.

  1. Incorporate the red of the watermelon into the daily menu

    The red in watermelon comes from a plant substance called lycopene, which is used in the body as an effective and strong antioxidant that helps reduce cancer, heart and blood vessel diseases. Be sure to include lycopene in your weekly diet, this way you will optimize the quality of your immune system.

  2. This is why watermelon and Bulgarian Cheese go so well together

    A winning horse cannot be replaced, there are winning combinations, ones that cannot be debated. Watermelon combined with Bulgarian is one of them. So it’s true, first of all it’s just a delicious combination, but apart from the taste, the watermelon is rich in liquids but has little dietary fiber, which may spike the blood sugar response to eating it. The combination of the complete protein found in the Bulgarian cheese balances the sugar spike and makes this snack healthier and more balanced. Therefore, the next time you order watermelon with bulgarit at sea, know that you have done something good and your body will thank you for it.

  3. have a cold? 2 slices of watermelon will fix you

    Did you know that colds appear especially in the summer? Closed spaces and recycled air from the air conditioners cause us to develop sensitivity in the ear, nose and throat cavities and to feel the annoying nasal congestion throughout the hot days. The good news is that something can be done about it. Two slices of watermelon a day will provide you with the amount of vitamin that is synonymous with a deadly cold fighter, aka vitamin C.

  4. After many hours at sea? Make watermelon cubes

    Watermelon as a fountain of youth. Watermelon is rich in fluids, thus revitalizing the body and quenching the skin. Did you spend (many hours) at the sea? Worried you’re dehydrated? Prepare watermelon cubes for you, they will replace and upgrade the water and sugar that flow to the body to recover from dehydration.

  5. Suffering from high blood pressure and kidney problems?

    Watermelon is the fruit with the greatest amount of liquid among the fruits. In addition, watermelon has variable properties. The combination between the two will ease symptoms of blood pressure and kidney imbalance.

  6. Do you like special tools?

    The watermelon rind has the appearance that will leave your guests in awe. Take a watermelon and cut it carefully, remove the whole red part and you have a spectacular bowl in which you can serve a salad.

  7. Suffering from hair loss?

    Get to know the inotizole and biotin that are inside the watermelon. These are herbal substances that have been extensively researched and found to help hair health and prevent hair loss.

  8. Watermelon is recommended to be eaten alone

    If you ate a fruit salad once and thought to yourself “I ate a healthy portion” then think again. Watermelon (and melon) has a much shorter digestion time than other fruits. Eating watermelon with other fruits may speed up the digestion process due to the short digestion time of the watermelon and cause “drift” of molecules that have not yet been fully digested from other fruits. As a result, there was fermentation in the digestive system that prevented effective absorption of the vitamins and minerals found in the fruits. Therefore, respect the watermelon and eat it separately from the other fruits.

  9. Perfect smoothie for summer

    Define yourself as people who suffer from fever? Watermelon, coconut cream and mint shake will cool your body and on the way, with the help of the natural properties of the mint, it will lift your mood.
    Ingredients for the recipe:
    1/2 cup coconut cream
    1 cup frozen watermelon cubes (at least 2 hours)
    1/4 cup mint leaves (without stems)
    preparation method:
    Put the coconut cream in the blender, along with the mint and watermelon leaves and grind to a uniform and smooth texture.
    Pour into a glass and drink with pleasure.

  10. Host in the evening? Upgrade and make a summery and unique champagne

    Grind 1 cup of fresh watermelon cubes in a blender and grind until you get one smooth juice.
    Pour the watermelon juice into an ice cube tray and put it in the freezer for at least 6 hours.
    While pouring the champagne into the glasses, add watermelon cubes.
    This way you will enhance the appearance of the champagne and also add a natural sweetness to it.

  11. Do you suffer from painful ulcers in your mouth?

    You won’t believe it, the solution has always been with the jade and just waiting for you.
    Cut only the white layer that is between the sweet red part and the tough green skin, this part is full of dietary fiber and the ability to treat those pesky wounds.
    Cut the white layer into small cubes and dry it on absorbent paper until it is completely dry. Then grind it into a powder and keep it in a sealed jar. When needed, apply directly to the wound.

  12. Watermelon seeds, much more than crackers

    The crackers have high sodium levels and low nutritional value due to the high heating they undergo during their roasting.
    Which makes them harmful to health and high in empty calories. The good news is that if we hadn’t voiced them, their natural nutritional value would have been wonderful. So we found a method to use their unprocessed form as a home spice and thus enrich and contribute to the health of the body.

    so what are we doing?

    Save the black seeds of the watermelon after eating the watermelon. Place them on absorbent paper on the windowsill, turn from time to time and allow them to dry completely over several days. Put the dried watermelon seeds in a pepper grinder (you can use them together) and season your food and salads on a daily basis.

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