The twins who were attached to their heads underwent surgery to separate him were released from the hospital

The twins linked to their heads who had extraordinary surgery to separate them have been released from Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva, the hospital stated today (Thursday).
The hospital’s medical personnel monitored this for roughly a month following the operation.

The twins, who were named girls of the year, were born in August of last year at the hospital, with their heads attached to the rear of it.
The procedure was carried out in collaboration with foreign doctors, and they will now be subjected to medical follow-up that will comprise teams from diverse professions.

Dr. Mickey Gidon, director of pediatric neurosurgery at Soroka, who led the surgery, said “Many Soroka staffs are excited from this day together with the family. It is a great feeling of satisfaction for everyone who was involved in the process. ”

He added that “this day is especially exciting for me. Beyond a professionally significant milestone of planning, executing and implementing an operation of unprecedented proportions in Israel and the few in the world. For this rare move. ”

The twins attached to their heads (Photo: Soroka Hospital spokeswoman)The twins attached to their heads (Photo: Soroka Hospital spokeswoman)

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