Post-injury chronic fatigue syndrome medical study

A British medical study revealed that the chronic fatigue syndrome, which accompanies survivors of infection with the Corona virus for a long time, is caused by the presence of tiny blood clots that spread in the blood vessels and are difficult to deal with for a long time after infection with the virus.

The “New Scientist” medical journal reported that this syndrome is characterized by shortness of breath, muscle pain, insomnia, irregular heartbeat and brain fog; As a mental disorder that affects a person’s ability to think and do various daily activities, the person with foggy thinking feels that his mind is not clear.

The medical journal indicated that the size of these clots may reach less than 200 micrometers, but they are found in very large numbers in the blood and affect various vital processes and the efficiency of oxygen transfer to the body’s organs.

The magazine indicated that the number of patients suffering from this syndrome in the United States reached 2.5 million people; What requires dealing with these symptoms in a variety of ways, including taking anti-clotting drugs for a long time after injury, resorting to various medical specialties, including heart and respiratory diseases, and even resorting to psychological treatment.

The magazine added that there are still no specific treatment patterns to treat this syndrome, but doctors’ recommendations indicate the need to conduct medical examinations to determine the size of these blood clots and change the lifestyle of those infected with it; It is difficult for them to intensify their daily activities due to the rapid feeling of fatigue, in addition to the necessity of following a healthy diet for large periods in order to get rid of these symptoms.

The magazine revealed that the percentage of patients suffering from fatigue among those recovering from corona reached 53%, while those who suffer from difficulty breathing 43%, while the percentage of those suffering from joint pain reached 27% in addition to other symptoms such as feeling depressed and disorders in the body. Diet.

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