“Hollow and populist slogans”: Nitzan Horowitz absorbs fire from the system

The chairman of the Surgeons’ Prof., Yoram Kluger, announced this morning (Thursday) his resignation from the National Council for Surgery, Anesthesia and Intensive Care, which advises the Ministry of Health. , In light of the pressure of the interns’ protest.

Dr. Ray Bitton after being prevented from entering the Health Bureau, Credit: Internship Organization

In the letter of resignation, he noted: “Unfortunately, recently, we have been exposed to a new aspect in the Ministry of Health, where fateful decisions are made, in strange staff work, with partners who do not resort to any means to promote their idea and without the Ministry of Health, all its senior officials. According to him, the advisory committee set up by the Medical Association proposed a proper outline, which could serve as a coherent solution to the problem.

In an interview with the High Court of Justice, Prof. Kluger clarified that the statements of the Minister of Health, Nitzan Horowitz, Accompanied by “hollow slogans” and called his decisions “populist”. He argued that the pressure exerted by the interns’ protest did not match the necessity of reality, as he said, “there are no standards and no money to carry it out.” He justified this by arguing that the outline could not be reflected, among other things, in the periphery, since it requires more standards than the hospitals there can bear.

These are reckless and uncalculated steps, they will have a price, “He added.” If our outline is not implemented or presented to the public who support the interns’ protest, I think it would be worthwhile to appoint the retired judge to be on this commission of inquiry“.

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