Husi’s nurse stole thousands of drug ampoules classified as narcotics – According to the police, the suspect admitted the theft immediately

The preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect embezzled more than 6,000 medicinal ampoules classified as narcotics.

The police suspect that the woman took medication between July 2021 and January 2022. The hospital reported the suspected thefts to the police on January 18, and the district court arrested the suspect on January 22.

“We rarely get to investigate cases like this. The nurse already admitted the suspected crimes during a security inspection at her workplace. At that time, a syringe, used needles and a couple of packets of fentanyl were found in his possession,” the head of the investigation, Crime Commissioner Jari Nikonen says in the police announcement.

During the house search, the police found more evidence. The suspect had kept medicine packages in the bathroom cabinet and in the bedroom. In the latter, the police found eight bags of fake consumption cards, on which nurses mark the medicines given to patients.

The police also searched the nurse’s locker, which also contained empty fentanyl and oxynorm packages.

The crimes in the case are felony drug offense, felony theft, breach of duty and forgery.

The suspected criminal entity will be transferred to prosecution in the near future.

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