8 ways to drink more water
They are good for diet, body and mood – water is the most significant habit for a healthier lifestyle. Want to treat your body better? It’s the simplest thing in the world, you just have to make sure to drink enough water. Here are 8 ways to make it fun:

1. Always carry a bottle of water with you

One of the main reasons people don’t drink enough is laziness. Embarrassing to admit but this is the reality – we don’t have the strength to get up and pour ourselves a glass of water. So if you want to drink more, don’t rely on yourself and just start walking around with a water bottle close at hand, even at home. Believe us, if you don’t have the strength to get up to the kitchenette at work, you won’t have the strength to get up from the couch.

2. And don’t forget to take it out of the bag

The second reason why people don’t drink enough is that they simply don’t remember: you filled a water bottle, put it in your bag, walked around all day and didn’t understand why your bag was heavier than usual, and then you got home and discovered that the bottle didn’t come out of the bag even once. Sound familiar to you? Put the bottle in a prominent place on the table, and see how without noticing you start drinking.

3. Eat spicy

Spicy has a few other health benefits, but first and foremost – it will just make you drink. The sensation of spiciness makes you thirsty at best, or burns your tongue and makes you down three glasses of water in a row at worst. Either way – you ate spicy = you drank more.

4. Stick the drinking to another habit

Man is a creature of habits – if you only manage to make drinking a habit – you are set. How do you do that? It’s best to just dress on the leg you already have. Every time you go to the bathroom/ get up to make coffee/ go on Facebook – drink a glass of water.

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5. Make drinking a social part

Get up to get water? Offer to those sitting around you. When they get up – they will offer you. Very quickly you will notice that people rarely refuse a glass of water, and if all the family members or office friends join in – you will all simply drink more.

6. Equip yourself with a cool bottle

Nothing to do, beautiful things do the job. Just like new boots make you want to rain and a new computer makes you want to sit and study. Thus, even a designed, chic and cool bottle will make you want to drink, if only for the opportunity to pull it out in front of everyone.

7. Drink with a straw

You will be surprised, but drinking water with a straw definitely makes you drink more. Firstly, the shlokas are bigger, and secondly, the laziness factor plays a role here. You don’t have to stop everything and drink – just keep staring at the screen or the TV and suddenly find out that you’ve reached the bottom of the glass.

8. Add some flavor to the water

Pieces of fruit, lemon, mint, cucumber – anything goes. You can also just throw it in a glass, you don’t need a special bottle, the main thing here is to add interest and flavor to the drink. Quite a few additions will also upgrade your water from a health point of view – lemon, ginger, mint and even strawberry and berries will make your water rich in vitamins and antioxidants, and will also make you drink more.

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