A photo of her condition caused a stir on the Internet today (Sunday), due to a caption on it accusing Beilinson Hospital of killing a woman who was hospitalized in the Corona ward. According to a subsequent hospital response, it appears that by chance, an elderly and unvaccinated woman was brought to the hospital and died as a result of a corona in the hospital. The hospital filed a complaint with the police about incitement to violence against the hospital staff.

“The hospital is shocked by the caption on the tombstone and expresses disgust at the serious, inciting and deprived statement of any factual element as written on the tombstone,” the hospital said.

“Without violating the medical confidentiality of the deceased, we will only mention that this is an elderly and unvaccinated woman who was brought to the hospital after being treated at home for a significant time, was admitted with a heart attack and pulmonary embolism and died with coronary heart disease. The family.

“The staff of the hospital’s corona wards, who have treated and treated hundreds of patients with dedication and professionalism and work day and night to save patients’ lives, received with astonishment and deep sadness this defamation, which constitutes a wrong and forbidden slander and degrades public and social discourse like we have never seen before.”

The Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Nachman Ash, later commented on the photo of the tombstone, saying that “I am sure that the medical staff made every effort to keep it alive. This is a shocking thing. We must not discredit the medical staff. “

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