After the tombstone storm: Hospitals across the country have expressed support for Beilinson

After the storm: Hospitals across the country today (Monday) across the network expressed their support for Beilinson Hospital, after a gravestone was documented on it that blamed the hospital for killing a woman hospitalized in the Corona ward. The hospitals shared a photo from the corona ward with the caption: “We are all Beilinson.”

Among the hospitals that participated in the demonstration of support are: Ichilov Hospital, Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center, Rambam Medical Campus, Meir Medical Center, Schneider Center for Pediatrics and Kaplan Medical Center.

The hospital responded by saying: “Dear hospital spokespersons, you have moved us greatly with the post you have raised. Along with the ongoing struggle in Corona, we have to face another frontier of an extreme discourse we have not yet known, thanks to your determined support. The professional and dedicated medical in Israel. ”

Meanwhile, according to the hospital’s response to the unusual incident, it appears that by chance, an elderly and unvaccinated woman was brought to the hospital and died as a result of Corona. The hospital filed a complaint with the police about incitement to violence against the hospital staff.

“The hospital is shocked by the inscription on the tombstone and expresses disgust at the serious, inciting and deprived statement of any factual element as written on the tombstone,” the hospital said.

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