Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz donated blood this morning (Monday) for the first time in his life. This is after the restrictions on blood donations from the proud community were removed.

The amendment was carried out at the request of the Minister of Health and following a professional recommendation from the Advisory Committee to the Ministry of Health for infusion medicine, led by Prof. Eilat Shinar, VP of Blood Services at MDA. The change in policy is expressed in an egalitarian approach to all blood donors, without reference to the donor’s gender or sexual orientation. The section on limiting blood donations from men who have sex with men for 12 months has been replaced with a wording that refers to having high-risk sex with a new partner or partners, after which one has to wait three months until the next blood donation.

Horowitz said that “the ban on gays donating blood was a remnant of a stereotype that belongs to history. We removed the degrading and irrelevant questions in the blood donation questionnaire. LGBT or Straight.

The Minister of Health added: “We have taken another historic step towards equality for LGBT people in Israel, and it is a great pride. I would like to thank Prof. Eilat Shinar, MDA’s VP of Blood Services who has been doing an excellent job for many years, and MDA’s CEO Eli Bin – our best partner and with whom we can do a lot of good things. “MDA always responds to every request and functions exceptionally well. I call on all Israeli citizens, without distinction, to come and donate blood to save lives.”

Prof. Eilat Shinar, MDA’s VP of Blood Services, said: “We would like to thank the Minister of Health who came to donate blood, thanks to the restrictions that have been removed. The wording of the questionnaire today does not address sexual orientation We were able to do this through excellent and joint work of MDA’s blood services with the Ministry of Health and other parties. We managed to create equality and we all came to the negotiating table with the same goal. “

Shinar added that “the change was also made possible thanks to the excellent and accurate tests performed today in MDA’s blood services, with the help of which diseases that can pass through the blood can be detected as soon as possible, thus ensuring the quality and safety of blood doses in Israel. This is why this is an important line for blood recipients as well. This is an important day for us and for the proud community. “

Eli Bin, MDA Director General, said: “One blood donation can help save the lives of three sick or injured people and donate blood is a great privilege. “Blood from volunteer blood donors. The historic amendment makes it possible to create equality and will help expand the array of volunteer blood donors, for the benefit of the citizens of the country who need to donate blood routinely and in case of emergency.”

Bin added: “I thank Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz for his cooperation and leading the important step. And I call on the general public to come and donate blood – regardless of religion, race, gender and sexual orientation for mutual guarantee and for all.”

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