Illicit drugs for athletes confiscated from nutritional supplement store in Karmiel

Officials from the Ministry of Health and the Narcotics Department of Haifa Customs confiscated a shipment of anabolic steroids used to rapidly increase muscle mass from a nutritional supplement store in Karmiel.

The message of the Ministry of Health emphasizes that the sale of anabolic steroids intended for athletes is prohibited in Israel.

The Ministry of Health reminds that the use of untested drugs is dangerous to health. They can cause heart problems, lead to clogging of blood vessels and the formation of blood clots, and cause liver failure. In addition, steroids can cause infertility, cause acne, provoke depression and provoke an attack of aggression, and also lead to the development of cancer in the future.

The Ministry of Health also reminds that medicines should be purchased only in pharmacies and only on the recommendation of a doctor.

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