Israel: The OMC movement joins the help of the specialized doctors in their fight to shorten the shifts

Even after more than a decade of public struggle, the specialist doctors are still required to work 26 hours continuously. The very long shifts wear out the interns and make it difficult to acquire the knowledge and experience needed to continue their career.

After it already seemed that a solution had been reached, the Ministry of Health announced the postponement of the implementation of the outline for shortening the shifts until September 2023. In response, a registry that includes many specialist doctors announced that if the outline does not take effect on the original date, thousands of interns will resign towards the end of the month.

“There is no need to warn about the magnitude of the disaster in such a resignation,” wrote the leaders of the OMT movement, Chairman Pinchas Felice Peled and Chairman of the Public Committee Adv. Yitzhak Mina, to the Minister of Health. “The result could be the collapse of the health system and fatal harm to patients.” Peled and attorney Mina demand that Minister Horowitz enter into negotiations around the clock and find an immediate solution to the painful issue.

Peled mentioned that last week, when specialized doctors burst into the Yesh Atid election campaign launch event, Prime Minister Yair Lapid told them: “You are absolutely right. We will take care of it.” The OMT movement hopes that despite the inherent difficulties in the immediate implementation of the outline for shortening shifts, the Israeli government and the Minister of Health will realize Lapid’s promise, and as soon as possible.

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