The Medicines Basket Committee convened today (Sunday) for its first meeting ahead of the decision on the drugs to be added to the basket in 2022. The committee is expected to discuss, among other things, lung cancer drugs (NSCLC) which is considered the leading cause of death among all malignancies.

Following the committee meeting, Nathan Zehavi shared the moments when he was informed that he had cancer: “When it was discovered that I had cancer, after I left the operating room and went to the recovery room, the doctor who was supposed to treat me talked on the phone. I said ‘Oh Gwald’ “I thought she would give me the phone to talk to him, but she said, ‘Let me tell you, every Friday we do a kiddush at home and raise a glass for your health.’

Zehavi added: “My brother had bowel cancer, and thanks to you he received the medicine and survived. He went back to work.”

Later, Zehavi referred to the drug basket committee, recalling the struggle he led in 2006: “The fight for two drugs for bowel cancer patients was difficult. I went on a hunger strike that lasted 11 days in the Rose Garden in front of the Knesset. “They asked us to meet on a side bench so that they would not see them talking to me. In the end, we reached achievements, a number of people received the medicine, which was very expensive.”

Natan Zehavi (Photo: None)

At the end, Zehavi addressed the committee members: “Every time you add money to the medicine basket and more people receive innovative medicines, you save lives; and if not, at least they have relief in suffering. Every human being is a world in its own right, so there should be serious consideration, with much desire. Add more money. “

Among the committee members are the committee chairman Prof. Yonatan Halevi, president of Shaare Zedek Medical Center; Rabbi Chaim Amsalem, former Knesset member, chairman of the Am Shalem movement; Dr. Suhir Asadi, director of the nephrology department at Rambam Medical Center ; Mr. Lior Barak, Deputy Supervisor of HMOs at the Ministry of Health; Dr. Efrat City, Director of the Psychiatric Department at Hillel Yaffe Medical Center; Mr. Roi Reicher, Health Referent at the Ministry of Finance and more.

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