After Beilinson Hospital filed a complaint of incitement: Shlomo Reish, who wrote on his wife’s tombstone “murdered by Beilinson Hospital,” today (Wednesday) removed the caption from the tombstone, by covering the inscription on a marble plaque. Aside from the incitement complaint filed with the police, the hospital even threatened to sue the family if the address was not removed.

Earlier this week it was reported that Reish’s family, who died of a corona at Beilinson Hospital, had recorded on her tombstone that she had been murdered by the hospital. A few hours after the documentation was circulated on social media, Beilinson was told that the woman had died in the corona ward and that she had not been vaccinated against the virus.

The tombstone before the inscription against Beilinson Hospital was removed (Photo: without credit)

“The hospital is shocked by the caption on the tombstone and expresses disgust at the serious, inciting and deprived statement of any factual element as written on the tombstone,” the hospital said.

“Without violating the medical confidentiality of the deceased, we will only note that this is an elderly and unvaccinated woman who was brought to the hospital after being treated at home for a significant time, was admitted with a heart attack and pulmonary embolism and died with coronary heart disease. The family”.

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