August 19 | The decline of the seventh wave of coronavirus in Israel: 17.5 thousand people are infected, about 190 are in serious condition

On Friday, August 19, the Israeli Ministry of Health published new data on the coronavirus epidemic. The Ministry of Health announces the decline of the seventh wave of the epidemic. So far, coronavirus departments in hospitals are open.

There is no “mask regime” in the premises and public transport, although the Ministry of Health recommends wearing masks.

In total, 4,621,445 cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the country since the beginning of the pandemic.

Over the past day, 13979 tests have been carried out. Coronavirus was detected in 10% of cases.

At the moment, 17541 people are infected (-794 per day).

11525 patients with COVID-19 died (+1 per day).

544 cases in hospitals (-39 per day), others are recovering at home.

The condition of 191 patients is assessed by doctors as severe (-8 per day), 73 are connected to ventilators or ECMO (-5 per day).

The infectiousness index (an index of the reproduction of the virus, showing how many people, on average, one infected person transmits it) – 0.77.

According to a report by the Israeli Ministry of Health, 91% of seriously ill patients are over 60 years old. The vast majority of those infected tolerate the disease easily.

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