Prof. Hezi Levy on the threats against senior officials of the Ministry of Health: I was also called a murderer

Former Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Hezi Levy, Spoke this morning (Thursday) with Guy Peleg and Anat Davidov about the events of recent days, including the FDA approval to vaccinate children aged 11-5. “I definitely support the FDA’s decision, as long as there is enough evidence that it is effective and safe,” 103FM stressed.

He was asked about the approval process required by the Ministry of Health: “There is a professional process of discussions and approvals, as well as a logistical process of finalizing the contracts with Pfizer and bringing the vaccines to Israel.” Prof. Levy emphasized that “the vaccine in question differs in dosage and the way it is produced. It has not yet arrived in Israel, and we will be able to sign the agreements and bring it to the State of Israel within about two to three weeks.”

Later in the interview, he referred to the words of the current director general of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Nachman Ash, Who said yesterday that they would insist on vaccinating children in schools. The submitters noted that “on the face of it, he was preparing for a frontal confrontation with the education minister who expressed a clear position several times that vaccination should be avoided in schools.”

Prof. Nachman Ash (Photo: Avshalom Shashoni)

Prof. Levy replied: “I do not understand this position, I managed to hear it at the end of my term. If the government decides to vaccinate the children after consultation with the experts, if we understand that we are approaching winter with a double fever that begins to bubble in children, if we want to vaccinate “In every way and make the vaccine accessible, why not vaccinate in schools? I do not understand that. I understand that you have to vaccinate in schools in order to make the vaccine available and accessible.”

Because there are also parents who objected and then you do differentiation between children, it creates unpleasant situations
“I think the most unpleasant situation is not to get vaccinated. I am aware of the parents’ desire and their right to decide whether to get vaccinated or not – after receiving all the information. When it is decided to get vaccinated – I think it should be allowed everywhere, and made accessible to parents.”

The submitters noted the incitement against senior Ministry of Health officials, and especially towards me Dr. Sharon Elrai Price: “I have no words to call the disgust, the discourse in Israel in this field and a threat to senior officials, to professionals who faithfully do their job, in the name of that they were elected and this thing was entrusted to them.” He referred to the threats against the head of the public health services and said that he was the one who invited her to join the ministry after the retirement of Prof. Sigal Sadecki. She is one of the best professionals I know, doing her job faithfully and fiercely, “he concluded,” We as a society and government need to do everything we can to reject this thing and find the people who are threatening. I was also threatened and called a child killer, put up signs in front of the house and demonstrated in front of my house. ”

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