How many calories are there in popular alcoholic beverages? Comparison
A glass of beer, red wine or a cocktail can help us feel better at a social event or family gathering, but also add hundreds of unnecessary calories to the daily menu. Alcohol is not a diet drink and far from it – there are about 7 calories in a gram of alcohol. Just for comparison, there are 4 calories in a gram of carbohydrate. Do the math yourself.How many calories do the popular drinks contain?

We made a comparison between the different types of alcohol and in order to be able to compare them we will present both the data for 100 ml of drink and the amount of calories per serving glass.

the name of the drink Calories in 100 ml Calories per cup serving
White or red wine 80 calories A glass of 200 ml 160 calories
champagne 70 calories A glass of 200 ml 140 calories
Margarita cocktail 150 calories A glass of 150 ml 225 calories
liqueur 220-300 calories A glass of 30 ml 70-90 calories
beer 45-50 calories A bottle of 330 ml 130-150 calories
Whiskey 230 calories 50 ml glass 115 ml


A few things to remember before you start drinking:

Don’t come hungry to the celebration. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is not recommended and can even be dangerous. Beyond the fact that the alcohol will be absorbed faster and reach a higher level when the stomach is empty, drinking a lot of alcohol without eating beforehand can injure the stomach walls and cause a stomach ulcer.

Another reason to eat at home is the snacks that come with the beer. When we drink alcohol we often lose focus and most likely we will start snacking without noticing, especially if we arrive hungry. Snacking under the influence of alcohol is really undesirable because it is harder to gauge exactly how much you are eating and when to stop.

The right snacks. If you are celebrating at home, prepare the right snacks in advance. Besides the usual salty and fatty snacks, there are other healthier options such as: pretzels, edamame, mini carrots, small flavored crisps and popcorn. Of course, you should not eat unlimited of these either, and it is recommended to fill a glass with the snack you have chosen and stick to it, and only to it.

If you prefer to go out to a bar, instead of peanuts, chips and other fried foods, you can find lower-fat alternatives such as edamame, pretzels, pickles and even vegetable sticks. If you have to nibble on something while drinking, these should be your choices.

Mittal Levy, clinical nutritionist, Leumit Health Services

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