Actor Tom Cruise, who came to a baseball game in San Francisco about two weeks ago, has been driving the world crazy following the external change he has undergone. Cruz’s 59-year-old face, which looks swollen and different from the usual, has made resounding headlines in gossip columns around the world and made many wonder how it happened.

This is a Hollywood phenomenon that has plagued quite a few actors and celebrities in recent years who want to regain their youth at all costs and cross the line of good taste. Also actress Renee Zellweger ‘changed her face’ and singer Ricky Martin, who apparently gasped with the fillers and Botox.

They have all the money to go to the best doctors there are. They can inject, stretch, use the most luxurious creams and go to fitness trainers, so how can it be that a person does plastic surgery or injections at the best doctors, and yet his face changes without any proportions? Let the experts make an order.

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Renee Zellweger | םילום: Frazer Harrison, GettyImages IL

On the proportions of the facial area

“It’s not that they’re stupid people or that their doctors are stupid, and it’s not that their doctors make big mistakes,” explains Dr. Tzachi Wieder, an expert in general surgery and aesthetic treatments from clinics. Viv clinic. “What happens is that as we get older, the face falls off because we lose support of the subcutaneous fat and the volume of the subcutaneous tissue decreases over the years. Loss of support causes the jaw line to fall and this is one of the things that makes us look older or sagging.

In such cases we mainly inject hyaluronic acid, which is important for people who want the sagging appearance to improve. The problem is, if we inject too much in certain areas, then we are definitely improving the sagging look, but at the same time we are changing the proportions of the face. What made Tom Cruise, for example, so “attractive” was that he was injected too much in certain areas, and this injection changed the proportions of his face. “The relationship between the different parts of the face is what determines what we look like, and when you change that relationship, you become someone else.”

Do these changes in the face have health consequences?

“Over-injection has basically no health consequences, except for aesthetic consequences. If you inject quality acids then there are no health risks in excess injection. There are different risks in injections but it is not related to the fact that we injected too much or too little.”

Is it possible to prevent the phenomenon of over-injection and swelling in the face?

“You need to know when to stop. Know when not to inject anymore. Sometimes there is a limit to what we can get in injections and then the solution is not another injection but a treatment that does not increase volume such as facelift surgery, or equipment that stretches the face without volume.”

Can the situation be restored to normal?

“If we talk about the injections and fillers that are absorbed, then the situation will return to normal. Its proportions will return, but the fall will be a ceiling.”

Could it be that Tom Cruise’s face was swollen for some other reason?

“It could be a phenomenon that belongs to people who take steroids, and then there is an accumulation of changes in the volume of the face and body. It is an effect that happens when steroids are taken over time. If it is taken for short periods it does no harm but over time it can happen.”

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer (Photo: Reuters)
Upgrade or withdrawal? | Photo: Reuters

“This is what someone who takes steroids looks like”

Dr. Lehabit Ackerman, a specialist dermatologist, claims that what happened to Tom Cruise and many others is the result of several factors: “I think it is a combination of obesity and bad injections. We gain fat and change with age, and the excessive attempt to repair the damage may do the opposite. This is what someone who takes steroids looks like. People often take steroids in cases of inflammation, diseases of the gut, of the joints, autoimmune diseases that the body attacks itself and more. It is actually a treatment that reduces inflammation and it is very common in medicine. “

How is it that we see more and more celebs contorting, after all they have the best doctors?

It’s not a matter of a good doctor or not, but mostly a matter of the patient’s pressure to look young. Only those who exaggerate look bad. “There are a lot of examples of celebs who inject really well and gently like: Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Princesses Kate Middleton and Megan, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lopez who looks amazing.”

Angelina Jolie (Photo: Getty Images)
Was not left behind | Photo: Getty Images

Are there any health damages that can be caused as a result of acid and Botox injections?

“No. But we know that although we were once told that hyaluronic acids are a substance that breaks down completely, today we know it remains just like a scar. Anyone who injects over time may look like a stuffed animal and therefore should inject gently and gradually in a professional.”

How can you maintain a youthful and healthy look without losing your naturalness?

“We need to understand that sometimes we do not really understand what is right for us and need to let a doctor who is trusted to do the job. We do not always understand what way to get the desired result so it is important to find a skilled doctor and not a cheap doctor we do not know. Check, then just go to the place with recommendations.

In addition, do not inject too much, small, gentle and long-lasting treatments should be done. The right way is to make combinations of all kinds of technologies and techniques, because that way we end up encouraging the body to regenerate and then we need less filling from the outside. The most important thing to remember is that the skin is affected by lifestyle. We need to take care of the skin ourselves as well with the help of proper nutrition and lifestyle. “

Megan Merkel, Kate Middleton (Photo: Karwai Tang / Getty Images)
Megan Merkel and Kate Middleton | Photo: Karwai Tang / Getty Images

Temporary side effects from Botox

Dr. Natalie Hanson, a family physician, argues that while there is currently no knowledge of long-term damage from hyaluronic acid or Botox, there are temporary and local damages that can occur as a result of injections such as blue marks or transient paralysis in the face. “Botox can cause muscle weakness. People sometimes come to my clinic with complications, but it is important to understand that they are transient because it has a duration of action of a few weeks, when the effect is transient, the phenomenon also passes. I was recently approached by a woman with diplopia, a condition in which double vision is seen as a result of Botox. There’s nothing to do with it, it just passes after the botulinum phenomenon passes. ”

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