Is mouse disease spreading again in Israel? The Ministry of Health received an initial report 10 days ago on suspicion of mouse disease among boys who were traveling in the Safed area, the ministry announced today (Thursday). As you may recall, in 2018 there was a wave of disease in Israel.

Of the six boys who developed symptoms of the disease, one positive patient for the mouse was currently found from the samples. All the boys were soon discharged from the hospitals in good condition. The boys were immersed in a spring on 11th Street in Safed known as “Ma’ayan 11” or “The Bottle.”

An inspection conducted by the Safed Health Bureau, Northern District, found evidence of water pollution by a biological marker (fecal ultrasound). Note that this is a spring that is not under supervision.

The District Health Bureau has updated all relevant parties, including the supervisory bodies in the Safed municipality. The typical signs of the disease are similar to the flu: fever, headache, muscle aches. However, in some patients liver and kidney function may be impaired.

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