Just before intimate contact with another, many of us choose to treat the problem of the mouth by chewing gum however it turns out that this is the last thing we should do and there are two reasons why

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You better think because it’s not going to be simple: it turns out that chewing gum before intimate contact with another person is the worst idea we can have. Just when we wanted to refresh our mouths for kisses and other vegetables, we were told that the quick and accessible solution was far from that, but more of an unpleasant problem. how exactly? Here are two main reasons.

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Gum causes destruction in the digestive tract

While chewing gum several events occur in our digestive system. Gum makes our body think that we have put food into it and in a short time it will reach the digestive system, but that gum does not eat. What actually happens is that the stomach that has received misinformation starts to act and release its digestive juices which help in breaking down the food, however when these enzymes are not used, the result is bloating and flatulence. For chewing gum actually puts air into our digestive system. Gases accumulate and then come out as burps and swelling. So you may have smelled the mouth odor, but the smells will come from other and surprising places.

Gum can affect testosterone levels

Studies have shown that mint, which is naturally found in mint chewing gum, can lower testosterone levels. A study published in the medical journal Urology Male rats that received herbal mint tea experienced a decrease in testosterone secretion. Of course you are not rats, but it is worth learning something from them.

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so what are we doing?

And bet on the gum at this point in the day and focus on oral health. Be sure to brush your teeth, including your tongue, regularly as part of your daily hygiene routine. Also, drink plenty of water, as dehydration can reduce saliva production. What actually happens is that saliva is essential for fresh breathing because it helps break down food, flush it out and prevent tooth decay, all of which of course “contribute” to an unpleasant odor in the mouth, and drinking water is the simplest way to avoid it.

And what not to do?

Reduce alcohol consumption. Alcohol disrupts the healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth and dries the mouth.

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