Hundreds of Taito devices will be incorporated into Corona treatment

The Ministry of Health reports a reduction in the burden on hospitals due to a decrease in the number of corona patients whose condition is serious. According to the data, 284 critically ill patients are hospitalized across the country, the lowest figure since August 6, when it was also the last time the number of critically ill patients was less than 300. At the same time, the Home Front Command is helping in an effort to reduce the total number of Corona patients in hospitals, by purchasing devices that help with remote testing and enable home hospitalization.

For this purpose, the Home Front Command has purchased several hundred Taito devices, which will make it possible to transfer civilians with Corona patients in a mild and moderate condition to hospitalization in their homes and will reduce the occupancy in the hospitals. The cost of a Taito device is about a thousand shekels per unit.


An artificial intelligence based system | Photo: PR


Close monitoring without unnecessary exposure

These are kits manufactured by the Israeli “Tyto Care”, which combine the ability to perform a wide range of remote tests together with an artificial intelligence-based system that guides the patient how to perform the test correctly, and allows the remote doctor to reach an accurate diagnosis. Among the tests performed by the device, monitoring the blood oxygen level (sturgeon), a critical figure for monitoring corona patients as well as heart, lung, throat, ear, skin and other tests. The assessments have already been provided to the IDF and are in the stages of assimilation and training prior to the start of clinical use in the coming days.

Taito devices are currently used in most health funds and hospitals in Israel, as well as in more than 150 hospitals and health organizations in the US, Europe, Africa and the Far East and serve hundreds of thousands of patients. Who need close monitoring, the burden on hospitals and clinics and the need to reduce exposures of medical staff to patients.

Dedi Gilad, CEO of Taito Kerr, said after signing the agreement that: “We are proud to be a partner in the national effort of the Israeli health system to deal with coronary heart disease, and to facilitate patients whose condition allows them to stay in their homes with remote medical supervision. “We thank the IDF and the Ministry of Defense for the trust they have placed in Taito’s remote medical solution. With the help of Taito devices, the medical staff can closely monitor the patient’s condition and provide a quick response if necessary.”

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