New research Tested 200 different makeup products sold in the US and Canada and found in 52 percent of them dangerous chemicals that can cause various health problems and may even increase the risk of certain types of cancer.

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Researchers at the University of Notre Dame in the United States performed tests on various makeup products, including lipsticks, mascaras, concealers, and other makeup products for the eyes, lips, and eyebrows.

These are man-made compounds from the 1940s and are used to make products that are resistant to oil, heat and stains, including coatings on pans and pots. In addition, these substances are also used as flame retardants. According to the Ministry of Health, these substances are considered to be particularly stable, almost never decompose and therefore they tend to accumulate over time in the human body and environment. Exposure to PFAS can affect various systems in the body, including the liver, endocrine system (hormones) and the immune system.

Prolonged exposure can also lead to an increase in cholesterol levels, thyroid problems, obesity and may lead to a higher risk of developing cancer. The researchers explain that when these chemicals enter the bloodstream, they stay and accumulate there. They add that there is also a risk of environmental pollution, which is related to the production of the products and the waste thrown away as a result of the production of these products, which can affect many more people.

The ingredients have also been found in mascara and other eye makeup products | צילום:
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The study examined traces of fluorine, which is an indicator of the presence of PFAS in products. Their study showed that 56 percent of eye makeup and foundation makeup products, as well as 48 percent of lip products and 47 percent of mascaras contained high levels of fluoride. According to the researchers, it seems that the chances of these chemicals being present were higher in products defined as “waterproof” and “long-lasting”.

“It’s a red flag. Our metrics indicate widespread use of PFAS in these products – but it’s important to note that the degree of use of chemicals in makeup products is difficult to rate,” the researchers add. This is because the US and Canada are less careful about labeling products and presenting the ingredients in makeup products. Prof. Graham Pisley, one of the authors of the study.

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