Dental crown is a well-known and common treatment, which is given in professional dental clinics around the country, and you can find a variety of dentists to perform dental crown treatment. If your doctor has claimed that you need a dental crown or you are looking for more information about the process – all the details are here!

When do you need a crown for your teeth?
Our teeth can be damaged for a variety of reasons – whether it is rotten teeth as a result of poor hygiene, physical injury to the teeth such as an accident, or changes in size and shape over time. Dental crowns are claddings that are installed over the damaged tooth, in order to restore its natural shape.

Placing a crown for teeth is suitable in cases where you want to protect a weak tooth from breaking, repair a broken tooth, cover and support a tooth that has lost its shape, cover a dental implant and more; This operation is decided to be performed by dentists in Rishon Lezion and throughout the country according to the specific need of each patient.

Types of dental crowns
Dental crowns come in several types that are important to know:

  • Porcelain crown: A crown made of porcelain (EMAX crown) is considered a quality crown that can be precisely matched to the color of the tooth and thus maintain uniformity in appearance. A porcelain crown can be suitable for all types of teeth (front and molars), and is especially suitable for those who are allergic to metal.
  • Zirconia crown: A crown with a strong core that is considered a very strong crown and one of the most durable for the long term. Like a porcelain crown, zirconia crowns come in as natural a color as possible, thus maintaining uniformity in the mouth.
  • Metal crown: You can also find dental crowns that are made of different metals like gold, nickel or palladium. It is important to know that these crowns have a metallic color that can stand out, and this is their main disadvantage.

Dental crown (Photo: Pixabay)

What is the process of assembling dental crowns?
The whole process usually takes two appointments with dentists. Usually, you will first come to a consultation that will lead to the understanding that this is indeed the appropriate treatment, and you will go through a number of photos. After that, the dentist will perform a filling or rather polishing and emptying of part of the tooth to fit it to the crown and in some cases will also put a temporary crown on your tooth.

The measurements and photographs are sent to a dental laboratory, where they will prepare a crown for you that exactly fits your measurements. At the second session, when the crown has already arrived, the doctor will wear the crown using light surgery under local anesthesia.

Is there a need for crown maintenance?
No special maintenance is required for the crown itself, but it is important to understand that it is still necessary to keep the tooth below from decay or inflammation. Therefore, it is important to maintain proper hygiene that includes brushing teeth and flossing, especially around the crown area and the area between the gums and the tooth.

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