Palestinian Health Minister Dr. May al-Kaila clarified today (Friday) that the agreement on the transfer of vaccines to Corona between Israel and the Palestinian Authority had previously been reached with Pfizer and that Israel had joined negotiations at a later stage. Refused two of the conditions set by Israel as part of the exchange deal.

In her announcement, the Minister of Health claimed that the agreement was made with the vaccine company, and as part of it, she was paid for the four million doses of vaccine. She said that after the authority agreed to the Pfizer proposal in principle, Israel joined the negotiations, and the portions that were transferred during the day through it were part of the same agreement with the American company.

Al-Qaila added that during the negotiations with Israel, the Palestinian Authority refused two of the conditions set by Israel, Including that the agreement will not be signed in the name of the Palestinian state, and an additional condition, according to which vaccine doses will not be transferred to the Gaza Strip.

It was announced earlier that as part of the agreement between the parties, Israel will transfer 1.2 million vaccines against Corona to the Palestinian Authority in the coming days, which will expire soon. The outline was approved in accordance with the recommendation of the relevant bodies and after receiving all the required approvals. In addition, the approval was received in light of the fact that the stock of vaccines held by Israel meets all the needs today.

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