Each person has a unique biological structure, different from that of his friend, not only genetically – but also in endless individual variations, a result of a variety of aspects, such as: the human code and individual temperament of that person, how he adapts and copes with the external environment and different mental and energetic states. Environmental pressures vary as do family, employment and community.

The human code theory, developed by more than 15 years ago, scientifically lays out an effective and very useful concept of diagnosis, for diagnosing each person in their essential context – both mentally and spiritually.

On the personal level: The diagnosis helps each person to identify the strengths and challenges with which he came to this world, in order to support and pinpoint him in his personal development journey. On the therapeutic level: The diagnosis allows the therapist to quickly and accurately identify the character of each patient and the difficulties involved in his personality, in a way that allows to focus and streamline the treatment process.

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Underlying the unifying integrative medicine approach is the understanding that health, as well as illness, is a direct result of a relationship between 2 key parameters: the level of stress and the level of vitality in a person, ie – in the cells of his body. While the level of stress can be moderated by emotional and mental processing, it is necessary to raise the level of vitality by changing lifestyle habits – among other things through diet.

Nutrition according to the human code is a customized diet, which takes into account a variety of parameters (some fixed and some variable) in order to adjust the most accurate food to the person, thus raising his level of vitality, such as human code and temperament, mental state, energetic state, Age, season, code of different foods, etc. It is important to understand that like the human system, food is not just matter – it is an expression of information, energy and matter alike. Body, mind and soul.

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In order to understand in depth the effect of food on the various levels in man, one should delve not only into the material food properties, such as the amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, etc., but also other properties, such as the male and female energy, seasonality, energy element His (fire, air, water, earth) and more. In addition, the form of cooking and the changes that take place in the food should be taken into account not only biologically, but mainly energetically.

The biological structure of man is the place where there is a constant interaction between different chemical mediators, which send and receive hormonal signals, and these in turn vary according to needs. Any change in the biological soil can cause a person’s metabolic or mental change. Food can be used as a treatment not only by adding missing components from the diet like vitamins or minerals, but also as a source of vital energy that helps the body deal with specific diseases and restore harmony to the cells.

Because the basic ground of each person is different, it is clear that internal and external factors exert different influences depending on the basic character (human code) of each person. Therefore, according to the unifying integrative medicine approach, when adjusting nutrition to a person, attention must be paid to all aspects (both mental and energetic, and not just biological), in order to achieve physical, mental and spiritual health alike.

From food to nutrition

This in-depth understanding of the reaction that takes place between the human body and food (beyond the biological aspect), explains why it is not enough to “just eat”, but it is important to make sure that food becomes food and food becomes nutrition. It is important that we identify the internal forces that belong to the biological structure that is expressed in each person’s code, and we will adjust the diet individually, according to the biological structure and the specific life situation in which the person is and with which he is dealing. One should also take into account the level of ability of that person to cope (level of stress / awareness) with the same life situation.

Nutrition is an integral part of the healing process, which aims to identify a person’s innate abilities and growth potential, along with the degree of neglect / challenge that the person is required to face. All this from the understanding that each person is born specific to his living conditions, in order to complete his spiritual training, realize his destiny and implement his aspirations. Therefore, a good personal diet not only supports our body, but also adapts and supports our training journey in life.

Dr. Nader Bhutto is a cardiologist and founder of the Unifying Integrative Medicine Method. He will be among the dozens of lecturers at the “Healthy Eating” conference. To be held on November 18-19 at the Givatayim Theater.

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