The 29.year.old underwent five miscarriages in two years due to medical malpractice

A 29-year-old woman from Haifa who underwent five abortions, she claims due to the doctors’ failures, is demanding millions of shekels from Clalit Health Fund, alleging serious medical malpractice. This is a rare and unusual case. The young woman and her husband have one child who was born a few years ago and she planned to get pregnant again. For about two years she underwent five abortions. “I am a healthy woman. I have never had any medical problems,” D. claims.

In a lawsuit filed by D. in the Magistrate’s Court in Haifa, through attorney Sami Abu Varda, it was alleged that in all five abortions she did not make an inquiry to investigate the cause, even though she was promised that it would be done.

“After the second abortion I was told to consider the clots and genetic counseling before the next pregnancy but it did not happen and I got pregnant again,” the woman claimed in the statement of claim. The abortions gave me appropriate treatment, which included aspirin and calxane, as is customary in medical practice. ”

Following the treatment, D. became pregnant and gave birth to a second child. “If they had done the necessary tests for me after the first abortion, all the difficult and physical suffering would have been avoided for me,” D. noted in the statement of claim, “I could have been the mother of at least one more child today.”

The statement of claim was accompanied by an opinion from a gynecologist and obstetrician, who unequivocally stated that the doctors were negligent and responsible for having had five unnecessary abortions. “There is negligent medical conduct here that goes against the medical recommendations and accepted practice,” the expert stressed in the opinion. It was further alleged in the statement of claim that D. suffered great suffering and grief as a result of the unnecessary abortions. It is currently demanding NIS 2.5 million in compensation from Clalit Health Fund.

Clalit Health Insurance Fund responded: “The statement of claim has been received and a response will be given as usual in court.”

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