This is the amount transferred by the Ministry of Health to the health funds in 2021 due to the corona virus

The Division for the Supervision of Health Insurance Funds and Additional Health Services at the Ministry of Health published today (Wednesday) the report summarizing the activity of the health insurance funds for 2021. The data is based on the audited financial statements of the insurance funds for the years 2021 and 2020, on their current reports and on the accompanying auditors’ reports On behalf of the Ministry of Health. The consolidated reports also include the activities of the subsidiaries held by the health funds, and in addition, reflect the capital structure of the funds, their financial soundness, the funds’ income and expenses and their liquidity status.

The report shows that the scope of support in the health insurance funds amounted to a total of about 7 billion shekels, which is about 12% of the costs of the health basket. Of this amount, about 2.7 billion shekels are supports for the expenses of the corona. For services increased by 6.1%.

In addition, the report found that Klalit and Maccabi show positive equity, compared to Muehedat and National which show negative equity, and that Klalit’s hospitals ended the year 2021 with a deficit of over 2.6 million NIS, a decrease of about 6.1% compared to a deficit of About NIS 2.8 million in 2020.

Prof. Nachman Ash, Director General of the Ministry of Health, said that “Medicine in the community is a significant and vital pillar in the public health system. This has been reinforced in the last three years, when the world faced the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, when the health system, including the health insurance funds, shows an impressive capacity.

The financial situation of the health funds in Israel is extremely worrying. The report shows that without the corona support in 2021, the health funds would have been in deep deficits. Therefore, we at the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and together with the HMOs need to act in order to address the deep deficits of the HMOs reflected in the interim data for 2022, so that they can continue to provide good medicine in the community.

At the same time, the system’s ability to respond to a crisis during an emergency is awe-inspiring. I thank the teams of the health organizations and the employees of the Ministry of Health who work night and day to allow such an important system to continue to operate with dedication, amidst difficult challenges.”

Lior Barak, Deputy Director of Health Insurance Supervision: “Medicine in the community is one of the pillars of medicine in Israel. Every citizen meets the community medicine at least several times a year and therefore we see great importance in maintaining the professional level and for the purpose of improving the services and long-term planning also on the financial stability of the health funds. Community medicine together with the hospitalization systems is a significant factor in the medical treatment and in maintaining the health of the citizens of Israel.”

The report reviews the results of the activities and the financial situation of the health funds, which also includes their equity, and the situation of their subsidiaries. The review reflects the expenses and income from the health services provided to the insured within the basic basket of services according to law. The report also reviews additional health services, Klalit’s hospitals and financial data on balances and cash flows.

The purpose of the report, among other things, is to produce effective tools for the policy makers and decision makers in the offices and at the various levels to establish policies that affect the activities and financial results of the health funds, to determine the eligibility of the health funds for support within the framework of the stabilization agreements, to present the data to the management of the health funds in order to analyze the points The strengths and weaknesses of each of them in relation to the system as a whole and to act to optimize the allocation of resources, as well as to give tools to additional users, including the public, academia and the press.

The report is divided into several chapters, including revenues, the number of insured persons and the change in the health funds, the results of the activity of the funds and hospitals and the analysis of the expenditure and income items. In the report you can also find information on the number of insured persons in absolute values ​​and by standardized persons, as well as information on expenses for medicines and equipment , and more.

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