Healthy and nutritious food: these are the worst mistakes we make

No matter how hard we try to eat healthy and exercise, many of us still make mistakes. Three nutrition experts told INSIDER the main mistakes people make that prevent them from staying healthy.

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1. Whole wheat bread is not always the best option. Many of us buy wholemeal bread at the supermarket, not knowing that it contains the same amount of calories as white flour bread. Plus, wholemeal is only part of the story. You have to notice that there is no sugar in it and that white flour is also mixed in it.

2. Restrictions on the food we eat will eventually lead to a situation where we give up a little on ourselves and consume unhealthy food. For many it happens at the weekend, after strict adherence during the week itself. According to the experts, overdoing it on Friday or Saturday could result in us making up for all the calories we were able to avoid during the week.

What do you do to not fall? Planning things unrelated to food, like a yoga class with friends.

3. When trying to eat healthy there is a tendency to eat “safe” foods, such as chicken, broccoli or sweet potatoes. The problem with lack of variety in food is that it may bore us and make us start eating unhealthy.

4. Fitness does not reduce the calories, and does not allow us to eat what we want with the thought that everything will be reduced in training anyway. What’s more, training helps us burn more calories down the road and improve metabolism

5. Overeating after fitness training – it is important to fuel the body after training, but it is important not to eat too much – for example a snack before and after training and a meal in addition. To avoid this, the nutritionist recommends exercising close to mealtime.

6. Loading your plate at the salad bar is a good idea, as long as you choose the right dressings. High-calorie dressings like blue cheese can ruin the healthy meal you ordered. The dressings can add something like 500 calories to a salad and turn it into a high-fat meal. What do you use? in balsamic vinegar.

7. Reduce the carbohydrates and replace them with protein and vegetables – sugars, starches and fibers are also found in fruits, vegetables and dairy products. This means that bread and pasta have a substitute. But cutting carbohydrates completely from the diet usually ends badly. People who follow this type of diet usually last a few days, but then their sugar level drops and they gobble up carbohydrates. Instead of completely eliminating carbohydrates, it is recommended to eat carbohydrates that have more nutritional value, such as whole rice, beans, sweet potatoes and fruits.

8. People who eat healthy sometimes tend to drink unhealthy. They forget the calories that are in the alcoholic drinks. That’s why it’s worth paying attention to how much – and what – we drink. The recommended drinks are tequila and vodka.

9. Calories are important, but less so than you might think. One of the mistakes people make is knowing how many calories they need to put into their body instead. The most important thing is to focus on the quantity and quality of the food we eat.

10. Not all calories are the same. Their quantity does not determine whether the food is nutritious or not. It is important to pay attention to the source of the calories, and it is better to consume as many vegetables as possible because they are low in calories compared to other foods, so you can feel fuller.

11. Many people focus on the amount of calories but do not pay attention to the portion size. Portion control is essential to maintaining a healthy weight because this is how our body can be taught when we are full and when we are hungry.

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