3 particularly effective abdominal exercises
The holidays haven’t started yet and the results are already known in advance – too much food and the diet is gone. The following exercises are easy to implement, and if you make sure to apply them during the holidays, you will see the results soon.Why is it important to work on abdominal muscles?

Abdominal muscles are very important and significant muscle groups. Among other things, they contribute to body stabilization, correct posture and holding the body correctly – in training in particular and in life in general.

The exercise: moving the legs while lying on the back

The goal: Strengthening the abdominal muscles, focusing on the rectus abdominis muscle.

Method of execution: Lie on your back and straighten your legs up towards the ceiling (no need to lock your knees). Place your hands at your sides and your palms on the ground. Move the legs down towards the floor and up while making sure to keep the pelvis rotated backwards (pinning the lower back as much as possible to the ground). breathe freely.

Number of sets: 2 – 3. In each set, perform 10 – 15 repetitions of moving the legs up and down.

Highlights: It is necessary to make sure to lower the legs down only when the pelvis remains rotated backwards – the height of lowering the legs has no meaning, but the correct holding of the abdominal muscles during the movement.

The exercise: Plank with knee bent to the side

The goal: Strengthening the abdominal muscles when the oblique muscles are dominant in the work

Method of execution: Sit with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Keep your arms bent and place your palms next to your ears. Roll the pelvis back (rolling the lower back), tilt the torso back while sending one hand back (as far as possible behind the back and towards the floor). Return slowly and perform on the other side.

Number of sets: 2

Highlights: Make sure to rotate the spine (turning the chest from side to side) and not just lowering the arms from side to side.

Be sure to keep the elbow of the bent hand open outwards and not pull it towards the chest.

The exercise: squats with the legs raised up

The goal: Strengthening the abdominal muscles with an emphasis on the rectus abdominis muscle

How to perform the exercise: Lie on your back, bend one knee at a time to the chest, roll the pelvis back (press the lower back as far as possible to the floor) and then move the bent knees out while the lower back remains close to the floor.

Place your hands by the sides of your ears, lift your chest and head up (until your shoulder blades are off the floor) while keeping your neck long and make sure not to press your chin to your chest. Go back down slowly.

Several sets: 2 – 3. 10 – 15 repetitions must be performed in each set.

Highlights: Make sure that the pelvis remains rolled back throughout the exercise.

Sharon Jordan, the writer, is the head of the studio and third age department at the National School for Coaches and Instructors – “The Wingate Institute”, the National Institute of Excellence


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