Chronic fatigue particularly affects young women

According to a study, young women in particular suffer from chronic exhaustion after a corona disease. Mental impairments are more likely to be observed in men over the age of 55, the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH) announced on Wednesday.

Together with researchers from the Berlin Charité, the UKSH evaluated data from around 1,000 patients whose corona infection was at least six months previously.

According to the study, chronic exhaustion is more than twice as common months after infection with the coronavirus as in the healthy general population. In particular, she meets women between the ages of 18 and 24.

“In a direct comparison with the general population, we did not expect such high numbers and such a clear difference,” said Carsten Finke from the Charité neurology clinic.

The researchers identified neurological symptoms during the acute infection as risk factors for the later occurrence of chronic exhaustion, also known as fatigue syndrome. It is characterized by long-term and severe physical weakness that does not improve even with sleep and rest.

High level of suffering and few treatment options

Appropriate therapy options were missing, it said. At the same time, it is a common and relevant problem. “The disease is associated with great personal suffering, leads to absences at work and represents a significant burden for the health system,” says Finke.

According to the study, cognitive impairments such as concentration or memory disorders were found in 27 percent of those examined. Symptoms of this type occurred mainly in older men.

However, only a few of them complained of symptoms of chronic exhaustion at the same time, while around half of the patients between the ages of 25 and 54 suffered from fatigue and cognitive impairment. (epd)

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