Sex and food: the foods that may harm your sex life

Certain foods, when eaten on a regular basis, may affect the quality of our sex life, both positively and negatively. According to Dr. Florence Comita, CEO of the Comita Center for Medicine and Health, “Sexual dysfunction is a complicated problem, the prevalence of which increases with age, but nutrition can play a big role in this, just like in causing chronic diseases.”

In other words, the worst foods for the heart, for blood pressure and that can cause diabetes, are those that can harm the quality of sex life. In many cases, difficulties in arousal in women and impotence in men may not only cause frustration in bed, but also be preliminary signs of the development of chronic diseases. High cholesterol, plaque in the teeth or an infection can interfere with the blood flow in the arteries that reach the genitals. Diabetes also affects the blood vessels and damages the nerves and affects the sensation in the skin and reduces the irritation.

So what should you not eat in order not to risk damaging your sex life?

1. Processed food and sugars – According to Dr. Deborah Matthew, a diet high in sugar, such as in white wheat bread, pastries, chips and sugary drinks, causes many sexual problems. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in type 2 diabetes patients. It is often caused by high sugar levels, which damage nerves and blood vessels.

Consuming processed foods such as pastries made from low-fiber flour can cause inflammation, which lowers libido in men and women.

2. Fried chicken (Buffalo wings) – Although fried food is delicious, it is full of saturated fat and trans fat, which have been linked to heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. All these diseases can cause sexual dysfunction.

3. Beers and cocktails – There are some drinks that can make us horny and arouse our libido, but studies have shown that drinking too much reduces sexual arousal and can make it harder to reach orgasm. A 2018 study found that women reported less vaginal lubrication after drinking alcohol.

4. Popcorn in the microwave – Eating popcorn in front of the TV may disturb the bed. “The fatty coating in the microwave popcorn bags is made of chemicals that interfere with hormones and may lower the testosterone level.

5. Fatty red meat – Eating too much saturated fat from red meat and dairy can cause our bodies to produce more LDL cholesterol, which can increase the risk of heart disease. “One of the most common causes of impotence is the narrowing of the blood vessels,” says Dr. Komita. “What can happen to the blood vessels that bring blood to the heart can certainly happen to those that reach the genitals.”

6. Meat from a deli – This meat contains sodium which preserves the meat. They are full of salt and may contribute to low blood pressure, which contributes to impotence and low sex.

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