Suffering from insomnia? This may be the method that will help you fall asleep

Is there a method that may help people who suffer from insomnia to fall asleep easily? Experts believe that a technique originally designed to help us relax may also help us fall asleep. This is the 8-7-4 method, where you breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold the air in your lungs for 7 seconds and then exhale through your mouth for 8 seconds.

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According to Dr. Raj Dasgupta of the University of Southern California, when a person is under stress, the sympathetic nervous system becomes overactive, causing them to feel overstimulated and unable to relax enough to fall asleep. According to him, the 8-7-4 method can help reduce the activity of the nervous system the sympathetic and make the body be in a more suitable state for sleep.

The method has ancient roots in pranayama, a yoga technique that helps regulate breathing, and was popularized in 2015 by Dr. Andrew Weil, an expert in integrative medicine. Dr. Melissa Robbins of Harvard Medical School and an expert on sleep problems, says the 7-8 method -4 allows you to feel calm and comfortable, which is exactly what you need before going to sleep. In addition, researchers in Thailand found that the method helps improve heart rate and blood pressure.

Joshua Tal, a clinical psychologist, says that the method does not make you fall asleep, but can reduce anxiety and thus improve the chances of falling asleep.

The 8-7-4 method does not require any equipment or specific preparation. What is needed is to know how to perform it properly:

Find a quiet place and sit with your back straight. Then lie on the bed when you feel that the body starts to relax. It is recommended to press the tip of the tongue to the upper part of the palate, next to the front teeth. Then perform the exercise according to the count of 8-7-4.

If you find it difficult to hold the air for the required time, you can shorten the time, but keep the three-step China ratio.

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