Every summer we have to deal with high sun protection again alongside the threat of annoying jellyfish, which burn our skin and make the experience of spending time at sea a nightmare- The good news: we have found the solution that will protect you both from burning jellyfish, and from solar radiation at the same time- Thank you for that later

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What’s nicer than spending a summer day at the beach with a cold watermelon and a wide – brimmed sun hat? Well, the obvious answer is probably to spend time at sea when there are no jellyfish around- Anyone who has experienced on his skin the dubious pleasure caused by burning a jellyfish, knows that this is one of the least pleasant things, certainly if it is children who encounter this unfriendly shellfish-

So what exactly happens to the skin when in contact with the jellyfish? Herman Weiss, chief pharmacist and owner of the company “Suboclam” explains:

“The jellyfish is one of the most fascinating marine creatures- It is heartless and brainless, but it can cause damage and pain- Its secretion contains a kind of micro-capsules, which are attracted to the skin’s natural acidity and penetrate into it just like small syringes that excrete the skin- Contains venom that causes burning, redness, blisters and pain- ”

Sun protection (Photo: Chen Berkowitz)
It is important to maintain protection from the sun | Photo: Chen Berkowitz

This will prevent the jellyfish from burning and also protect you from the sun

The good news, according to Weiss, is that there is something to be done to avoid this unpleasant experience in advance: “So far, the world of science and cosmetics has found solutions that will protect us, at least in part, from mosquito bites, for example- “Many people are unaware of this, but nowadays it is possible to obtain various protection products, which both protect against dangerous sunlight and provide protection from the burning of jellyfish-

SEA AND SUN (Photo: Chen Berkowitz)
SEA AND SUN series by “Suboclam” | Photo: Chen Berkowitz

The new series of products designed for the use of “Subocalm” SEA AND SUN, Includes a unique patent – protection against jellyfish burns, and also SPF50 for optimal protection from harmful sun rays: UVA + UVB- Unlike other products that are quickly absorbed into the skin and reach the bloodstream, Subocalm’s new SEA AND SUN series includes a unique patent that allows the capture of suspected substances that endanger the body and the environment, in a unique glass-like structure- Although the sunscreen is not absorbed into the skin or dissolves in water, its unique structure protects the body and the environment- That is – the chemical does not reach the bloodstream and is also environmentally friendly and does not harm the life in the water, and all this in addition to its other benefits: water resistance, suitability for sensitive skin and more- It is also a hypoallergenic product without farbanes-

I do not know about you, but we are already running to get one-

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