Hoped-for reform: Wolt starts home delivery of medicines

A technology company Wolt start home delivery of medicines in Finland. Through the company’s application, it will be possible in the future to order over-the-counter products from pharmacies, i.e. painkillers, heartburn medicines, flu medicines, cortisone creams and intimate products.

The service will initially start in one pharmacy in Turku and in Helsinki as a delivery service through the pharmacy’s own online store. Wolt’s goal is to expand the service as comprehensively as possible to Finns.

According to Wolt, medicines and other Pharmacy products have been the most desired product category among customers for a long time. The implementation of drug transport has been tested as a pilot for about a month in Turku At the Länsikeskus pharmacy and in Helsinki Apteeekk 360 in Ypyrätalo .

After the successful trial period, the aim is to expand the service as far as possible to other cities in Finland where Wolt has its own transport service and pharmacies are willing to start online service operations.

“During the pilot, we wanted to make sure that everything in the delivery of medical products goes exactly as it should. Now that the trial periods have gone excellently, we’re rolling up our sleeves and our goal is to make medicinal products widely available to Finns,” says Wolt’s country manager for Finland Joel Järvinen in the bulletin.

Länsikeskus pharmacy’s leading pharmacist Tiiamari Gröndahl feels that the home delivery service is a very useful option, especially during the infection season. For example, a person suffering from a cold or a stomach bug often needs medication to ease the symptoms.

“However, when an infectious disease strikes, it is better not to come to the place to do business, but stay at home and order the products directly there. We are happy that now customers can do it even at a very moderate cost,” he says in the announcement.

Helsinki-based Apteekki 360 Ympyrätalo sells the products through its own online store, and at the end of the purchase, the customer can choose Wolt’s delivery as the delivery method.

In deliveries made through the pharmacy’s own online store, it is also possible to buy prescription drugs. Pharmacist Tiina Vaitomaa says in the announcement that the delivery service is a welcome innovation.

“Many customers have asked for the opportunity to buy the products with fast delivery, so that they don’t have to get up from the couch when they’re sick. We also deliver prescription products through our website, and the customer can chat with the pharmacist when ordering, for example via video.”

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