The Corona roller coaster continues. While in Israel all morbidity indices continue to decline, Restrictions on the public are being reduced And we seem to be entering another truce from the plague, the situation in Europe is deteriorating. The numbers of those infected are steadily increasing, the restrictions on the public are repeating And in some countries are even heard Calls for a new closure.

The current wave is not uniform across the continent. In vaccinated countries like Germany, France, Netherlands And Greece, which has been more than half a year since the peak of the immunization operation, is “only” worse off. In contrast, in countries like Romania and Bulgaria, which had a low vaccination rate in the first place, are a real catastrophe. The Delta variant is highly contagious, much more so than previous variants, so it spreads like wildfire in populations where the resistance to the virus is low – due to a decline in the immune protection of veterans and recovering vaccines or due to non-immunization. The difference between these two conditions is in the rate of severe morbidity and mortality, which is much higher in the unvaccinated.

The only practical solution to this situation is to increase immunity. In countries where most of the population is vaccinated it should be easy – just give the public a booster dose of the vaccine (“third dose”) and its effect will be felt within a few days. However the distribution of the impulse on the continent is lazy. In contrast, in the less vaccinated Eastern European countries, a serious effort is needed to spur the public to overcome their distrust of local government and go out to get vaccinated. We hope that the success in reducing the serious morbidity and mortality in other countries will also motivate the citizens of these countries to get vaccinated, otherwise they will pay a heavy health and economic price.

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The children’s vaccines are on the way

Meanwhile, the United States continues with two immunizations. The distribution of the urge to the risk groups is progressing slowly and so far less than 8 percent of the population has been vaccinated, but it seems that the numbers Starting to rise. At the same time, the vaccination campaign for children aged 5 to 11 is taking place and the response is there taller. Only a week has passed since the vaccine was approved and already Close to a million Children received the first dose of the vaccine. Parents in Israel who are still afraid to vaccinate their children will soon be able to follow the truth data that will begin to flow away about the extent of the vaccine’s side effects and their actual severity, as was the case with the youth vaccines last June. The vaccinated will soon receive the second dose and two weeks later we will be able to assess if there are any rare side effects that require our attention.

In Israel, the morbidity is fading at the moment, but we already know that there is a high chance that it is only a temporary condition, so we must prepare now to prevent the next wave. Yesterday, 75 members of the team for the treatment of epidemics (ZTM) of the Ministry of Health met to formulate recommendations regarding the children’s vaccines. At the end of a few hours of discussion, it was decided by a majority of 73 supporters against two opponents. recommend For the management of the Ministry of Health to approve the vaccination of children. Moreover, contrary to what was initially decided regarding the youth vaccine, this time a large majority of staff members called not to be satisfied with the vaccination but to actually call on parents to vaccinate their children (67 vs. 6), and start vaccination immediately without waiting for the next wave of illness (64 supporters In front of 8 opponents).

A large majority (57 supporters versus 8 opponents) also supported the recovering vaccine, but opinions were divided as to whether to vaccinate all recovering children (23 supporters) or only those who had passed quite some time since their recovery (34 supporters). We are now waiting for the decision of the political echelon, but it seems that the vaccination campaign of Israeli children will begin as early as next week.

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Longer protection?

One of the big questions about the vaccine is what will be the duration of protection of the booster dose. New statements Cited in the general press, based on data not yet officially released, claim that the levels of antibodies and their diversity in impulse recipients are relatively high, which may indicate that the vaccine effect will last this time for eight to ten months. However, similar statements were made about the second dose, and in reality the optimal immune protection she gave faded in less than half a year. We will know if this assumption is correct only over time.

If the effect of the third dose fades in the coming months, we will see an increase in the number of people infected, as happened at the beginning of the summer. To prevent this it is important to regularly monitor the level of antibodies in the recipients of the impulse dose. It should also be examined whether an increase in infection is beginning to be seen in veteran vaccinated people, and even earlier in those who participated in the clinical trials of the booster dose. In any case, by the end of winter we will already know.

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The new drug

Last Friday Reported the pharmaceutical company Pfizer On the results of a clinical trial conducted with the drug Corona. According to the report, published only in a press release and not yet subject to professional review, the drug is given up to five days after the onset of the first symptoms and should stop the deterioration in the patient’s condition by Impairment of the virus’ ability to reproduce.

According to the company’s statements, the effectiveness of treatment in preventing the deterioration of the condition of patients belonging to the risk groups is 89-85 percent, depending on the date of administration of the drug. None of the patients in the experimental group died from the disease, unlike the control group who received a placebo. No abnormal side effects of the drug were also found, although this figure is better taken with a limited warranty as the subjects in the control group had more severe, so the side effects reported in them were probably symptoms of the disease itself.

In light of the success, the recruitment of new volunteers for the trials was stopped, as it is immoral to give a sham drug to patients in the control group when it is known that the real drug can save their lives. An application will soon be submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for an emergency permit to use the drug. The new treatment joins another drug, from the Merck company, which has stated A few weeks ago the drug had a 50 percent effectiveness in preventing serious illness – and the discussion of its emergency approval is expected to take place at the FDA at the end of the month.

The development of drugs to treat corona, along with the healthy public vaccine, are the two keys to getting out of the corona crisis. The vaccine will provide protection in preventing disease and preventing complications in those who are still infected, while the drugs will help people at risk who have contracted the disease. The combination of these two lines of defense will help make the corona a disease that can be lived with, similar to seasonal flu.

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