Eat spicy, live on watermelon and drink (too much) water? If you find yourself rushing to the bathroom frequently and do not suffer from an irritable bowel syndrome, blame your daily habits or just fix them- Naturopath Sharon Janowski Kaplan with the reasons

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The urine produced by the kidneys is actually waste that the body excretes in the form of fluid- An older person urinates about 5-6 times a day, with people over the age of 40 more likely to suffer from an irritable bowel syndrome, which means that the bladder is overworked, and there is difficulty in restraining- What makes us run more to the bathroom? There are all sorts of reasons, this time we will focus on foods / drinks that may cause us to urinate frequently:

  1. Alcohol

    Have you noticed that after a night out and during which includes drinking beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages you are in the bathroom a lot? Alcohol increases the production of urine because the body tries to get rid of the amount of waste from the body- Alcohol diuretic and may cause irritable bowel syndrome-

  2. Monosodium glutamate and spicy foods

    Spicy foods, spices, monosodium glutamate and various spicy foods, can irritate the bladder and cause increased urine output- Try to reduce their consumption and season more gently-

  3. Coffee, tea, chocolate

    The high amount of caffeine in coffee, tea and chocolate stimulates the bladder and causes multiple urination- It is recommended to reduce your caffeine intake while you suffer from an irritable bowel syndrome or urinary tract infection-

  4. Liquid watermelon and fruit

    Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals and are very healthy and necessary for us, but it is important to note that some, such as watermelon, contain a large amount of water and also have cleansing and diuretic properties- This does not mean that you should reduce the amounts, but be aware of this and those who eat a high amount of aqueous fruits, do not have to drink a lot of water in addition so as not to create a state of fluid load on the bladder-

  5. Too much water

    Drinking water is important for health especially on hot days – but it is important to be careful of a situation of excess drinking water- We are not supposed to load ourselves with water non-stop- The water puts a lot of strain on the kidneys when they arrive in large quantities and in a short time at once- Scatter the drinking water throughout the day, drink in small sips and be aware of the feeling of thirst that arises-

  6. Carbonated drinks and artificial sweeteners

    It usually goes together, but artificial sweeteners are also found in many other foods like chewing gum, yogurts, various sweets and more- The sugary and carbonated drinks cause an irritable bladder and here is another reason to avoid them and drink water that does not burden the bladder as much as they do-

  7. Salt and processed

    The salt we add to food is abundant in processed foods, savory snacks and any prepared food we buy, causing the body to accumulate fluids, increased thirst and load on the bladder- It is recommended to reduce the salt as much as possible and especially for those who wake up in the middle of the night to urinate and the urine manages their day-

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