Olive oil is considered as one of the healthier options when it comes to types of oils, mainly because it contains monounsaturated fatty acids- These acids are considered healthier fats, in part because they help balance blood cholesterol levels, reduce bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol and thus actually contribute to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease- But unfortunately, even olive oil can harm us if consumed too much of it-

So how much olive oil is too much? And how can we make sure we consume a healthy amount?

The common mistake with olive oil

There is no doubt that Israelis love olive oil, which is an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine- But the problem is that people tend to forget that it is fat – which contains a very significant amount of calories- This means that if you are used to pouring olive oil directly into your pan or salad, you are making a mistake that can add quite a few calories to your daily diet, without you noticing- Without measuring the amount of olive oil you use in the dish you make, you probably almost always use too much olive oil-

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A tablespoon of olive oil contains more than 100 calories- Most of us consume much more than a tablespoon of olive oil per serving- And given that the common recommendation is to consume about 2,000 calories a day, olive oil can easily increase the amount of calories you consume per day, without you feeling it- And yes, it can also eliminate the benefits of choosing a salad for lunch as a more dietary option-

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It is recommended to consume no more than two tablespoons of olive oil a day and if you are careful about weight loss, it is better to up to one tablespoon (which is about three teaspoons)- True it sounds a bit cumbersome to make sure to measure every time, but get used to it quickly and it will help you maintain weight in the long run, so the effort really pays off, trust us-

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