The Ministry of Health announced today (Sunday) the return of the obligation to wear masks in schools in the localities of Modi’in and Binyamina, following outbreaks of the corona virus. The decision, signed by the Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Hezi Levy, Requires wearing a mask in schools in closed and open areas in localities.

At the same time, the ministry instructed not to conduct studies at the “Mol Gilad” school in Ashdot Yaakov Meuchad, because a resident of the locality who returned from the United Arab Emirates was diagnosed with corona. A message sent to the residents read: “The man was vaccinated and performed a corona test as required before boarding a flight back to Israel. The test result was negative. After returning to the kibbutz, he developed symptoms and was confirmed on Friday by Corona Blue.”

“The man’s children studied as usual during the week and took part in the afternoon activity. Last night it became clear that his two children studying at the ‘opposite Gilad’ school were also confirmed as positive in the Corona test,” they added.

Head of the Binyamina-Givat Ada Local Council, Itai Weisberg, Spoke this morning with Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov in 103 and commented: “As of this morning, there are 46 verified. Of course the disturbing thing is that it started from one verified at the beginning of last week, Friday was seven and Saturday morning was 44 verified.”

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“I guess the actions we took will bear fruit. There was supposed to be an event we broke our heads over last night, in which Twelve give the flag to LIA after they finish school, but we decided together with the students and teachers to give it up this time,” he said.

According to him, there is no unequivocal information about the outbreak of the virus: “It is estimated that this is one of the family members who returned from abroad, 350 students in the locality were placed in solitary confinement to stop it on the spot.”

“We issued an instruction to all parents to equip their children with masks and this morning a letter arrived from the Ministry of Health supporting this. I know that Modiin Maccabim Reut is also facing a similar challenge,” he continued.

As you may recall, the Binyamina-Givat Ada local council announced that 45 youths have been diagnosed as positive for the corona virus. The infection occurred “through returnees from abroad in recent days and not due to a local outbreak,” as they put it.

The Ministry of Health said that all the samples had been sent to the flooring through the National Genomic Flooring Array and stressed that there is a preliminary suspicion that this is the Indian variant. Therefore, the ministry called on the residents of Binyamina to be tested in order to prevent the spread of the virus in the locality.

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